Home CCTV Surveillance

Keep an Eye on Your Property From Anywhere in the World

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Having CCTV cameras installed and visible will act as a deterrent to “undesirable visitors” who will be aware that they are being watched and recorded and will move on leaving your property safe and secure.

Oakley Automated Living supply discrete internal and external CCTV systems with full HD colour cameras during the day that switch to black and white at night due to built in Infra Red capabilities, allowing your home to be fully covered even in complete darkness.

Monitoring can be recorded for future playback on network storage or dedicated NVR providing 24 x 7 monitoring of your home. Live CCTV images as well as recorded coverage can be viewed from any TV screen in your home or anywhere in the world via your smart phone, tablet or laptop.

We offer a wide range of styles and quality of CCTV cameras, from entry level systems all the way up to full HD zoom, tilt and pan that you can control from your remote or smart phone.

Integrated CCTV Warning Systems

For even greater home protection, our CCTV systems can be combined with door and entrance gate entry control and property perimeter detection systems.

By adding external heat sensors and motion detectors you can have advanced warning of any intruder and have an invisible barrier around your home that you can activate at the touch of a button or fully automate via a home automation system.

Should anyone activate the perimeter barrier, all or selected TV screens can switch to display the CCTV area, house lights can switch on to give the impression someone is at home, alarms can sound and if your away from home the system can send a message to your smart phone so you can react accordingly.

Other sensors can be installed to monitor things like interior temperature and moisture to alrt you to problems like broken heating and air conditioning or a water leak…


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Home CCTV Surveillance and Property Perimeter Security Marbella to Sotogrande and beyond.