WyreStorm has announced the latest 4K UHD and HDR evolution in its NetworkHD line of AV over IP products, in the form of the new 240 series H.264 and 400 series JPEG2000 encoders and decoders. Intended for home and commercial environments, both ranges will be showcased at ISE 2017.

“The WyreStorm attitude to AV signal distribution is that there is no such thing as ‘one-size-fits-all’”, says James Meredith, WyreStorm Product Experience Manager. “Each project is different and each application unique, which is why the technology chosen needs to be the right for its intended purpose.”

WyreStorm has leveraged its experience providing market-leading HDMI, HDBaseT and IP solutions with the introduction of 4K UHD to its NetworkHD line of AV over IP products by selecting two different technology platforms on which to best transmit 4K UltraHD over a network,

Due for launch Q2 2017, the NetworkHD 400 series 4K encoder and decoder features JPEG2000 technology, which supports transmissions of visually lossless 4K UHD video with HDR and uncompromised multi-channel audio up to DTS:X and Dolby Atmos.

The ultra low latency of less than a single frame end-to-end delay make the 400 Series suited to smaller systems spanning several inputs and outputs where image quality and low latency are key requirements.

The brand suggests the 400 Series is also ideal for residential applications where the limitations of a centralised HDBaseT system, such as fixed inputs/outputs and a 70m cable distance just don’t cut it. The modular nature of the NetworkHD platform make it appropriate for installs that may grow with future expansion/extension of the home and its AV system.

For certain commercial applications where low latency and high image quality are essential, the 400 Series also includes features such as 5.1 to 2.0 audio down-mixing and video walls up to 16×16 supporting both portrait and landscape orientation with image flipping.

For the vast majority of commercial scenarios, however, the sub-single frame latency, multi-channel audio and high quality HDR image support of JPEG2000 is just not required, or indeed, the bandwidth required for such transmissions may not even be supported on a commercial network.

The NetworkHD 240 encoder and decoder utilise the same H.264 technology as the current NetworkHD 100 and 200 Series components to bring 4K UHD AV over IP to purely commercial environments, such as hospitality, education and corporate applications.

With H.264 technology able to sacrifice a little latency for a lot of bandwidth, the incredibly low and configurable bandwidth of the H.264 encoders across the 100, 200 and 240 Series make them ideal for large scale commercial applications with large format network topologies.

The system promises instant seamless switching from any source of any resolution, less than 500ms, offering a seamless 4K UHD viewing experience, whether in a sports bar, classroom or boardroom.

With the 240 Series offering full compatibility with existing NetworkHD H.264 s components, integrators can effectively mix and match products from either 100, 200 or 240 Series, depending on whether the source is 4K or 1080p; including the NHD-SW-0501 5×1 Presentation Switcher and the NHD-220-RX multi-view decoder.

As part of the NetworkHD eco-system, both 400 and 240 series share a number of features that make NetworkHD stand out in the Pro AV over IP crowd. Both feature highly scalable, modular infrastructure that enable systems to grow simply and organically with the needs of their respective projects; with plug and play auto-discovery of components and automatic networking and configuration.

CEC One-Touch Play/Standby and RS-232 control of connected devices are included on both, as is integration with major control systems, including WyreStorm Enado web-based BYOD control solution and the free WyreStorm Touch control for iPad app.

Powerful audio matrix functionality and 16×16 video walls are also supported on both systems, with content up and downscaled to perfectly fit each display and custom “No Source” idle image graphic overlay enabling branding or customer messaging can still be displayed even if no video is being received at a zone.

The new version of the WyreStorm management suite is available with support for the NHD-220-RX and NHD-SW-0501 and is also accompanied by NetworkHD Touch v2.0, which adds new functionality.

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Meredith adds: “With the 400 Series intended for both residential and commercial applications where low latency, multi-channel audio and our highest quality picture with HDR is a must, and the 240 Series maximizing bandwidth at the expense of latency with market-leading switching speeds and H.264 device compatibility making it ideal for mass-market commercial applications, we feel we have developed solutions that address all our customers’ AV over IP installation needs.

When combined with our groundbreaking free NetworkHD Touch app for iPad, we are confident that both 400 and 240 Series 4K NetworkHD systems deliver best-in-class picture, sound and ease of use that our customers expect and deserve.”

WyreStorm has organized a market-focused AV Distribution and Control Solutions Training for ISE 2017. For more info click here.

For more news about Wyrestorm’s product range, visit our partner page here.


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