Lode Audio has introduced two new products at ISE 2017: the LA2 two-zone music server and the first of its amplified music server products, the LA1A (pictured above). In addition to its existing 4-zone LA4 and single-zone LA1 audio servers, the introduction of the LA2 two-zone audio server and the launch of the first of its amplified models heralds the next phase of the Lode Audio product roadmap.

Built on Lode Audio’s audio over IP protocol LodeNet, all Lode Audio products can be used as a stand-alone unit or integrated with other Lode Audio products to offer up to 64 zones.

LodeNet is a low-latency digital matrix that offers up to 64 zones of groupable audio (each with Apple Airplay compatibility) for synchronous playback without the need of a hardware matrix. Lode Audio products automatically log on to the LodeNet matrix as soon as they are powered up, therefore requiring very little set up other than selecting and signing into any of the integrated market-leading music streaming providers, whereby one login gives access to every zone within the system.

Lode _Audio _ 3qtr Front _2_small

The system supports full browse control by iOS app, with rapid cover art population, gesture swipe, single/grouped room control and full room lock control. The company has also refreshed its control system drivers with the latest Crestron Media Player, Control 4 driver update and Command Fusion driver.

These bring extended features, including dynamic browse and queue functions, as well as cover-art integration with a quick response time of background image change when tracks are skipped.

All Lode Audio products offer integration with the music streaming services available for both consumer and commercial applications. For the commercial sector, Hotel Radio FM is integrated while internet radio and SoundCloud are available to all. Where connected, off-line content can be easily navigated, giving easy local music library integration. For residential applications, TIDAL integration is available out of the box.


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