It’s always a good time to upgrade your home theater, so if you’re planning to buy a new TV, now’s a great time because you can take advantage of this year’s 4th of July TV deals. Purchasing a TV for your home can be very expensive, but you should be able to stretch your budget and enjoy significant savings with the discounts that retailers are currently offering in their 4th of July sales. To help you with your search, we’ve gathered the best 4th of July TV sales, as well as tips on how to choose the perfect TV that suits your needs.

Best 4th of July TV deals 2021

There’s no shortage of 4th of July TV deals, even if Amazon’s Prime Day was just a couple of weeks ago. Retailers have reloaded their TV offerings in time for the holiday, and it’s very unlikely that you won’t be able to find a listing that catches your eye. Whether you’re looking for a small screen or a massive display, and if you want just a basic TV or one that packs the latest technology, there’s a deal out there for you.

It’s unclear when in the day the 4th of July sales will end though. It’s not safe to assume that you have until midnight to take advantage of the offers because retailers may end them early or stocks may run out. This means that if you see an offer that you like, you should pounce on it quickly before it gets away. It’s fine to do some research so that you’d know exactly what you’re getting, but you shouldn’t take too long if you don’t want to miss out on the best deals.

Should you buy a TV on 4th of July?

It’s highly recommended to wait for shopping events and holidays such as the 4th of July before you invest in a new TV so that you won’t have to pay full price. Different retailers have rolled out 4th of July TV deals for you to browse, so it’s just a matter of determining the brand you prefer, figuring out the model that you want, and searching for the best offer for a particular TV. With the sheer number of options that are available, there’s surely an offer out there that’s perfect for you.

The next major shopping events after the 4th of July are Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which are several months away. The discounts then may be bigger compared to what you can avail from today’s 4th of July sales, but that’s not a sure thing, as the price cuts could remain the same or perhaps even shrink. If you’ve got the budget now, there’s no sense in waiting for lower prices that may never happen. If you finalize the purchase now, you can already start watching your favorite shows on your new TV, instead of having to wait for months for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to roll around. This is even more important if the TV that you’re using right now badly needs a replacement — you don’t want to suffer through months of watching on a blurry display if there’s a chance right now to upgrade to a much better screen that’s packed with the latest conveniences offered by TVs.

Compared to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, retailers aren’t as busy on the 4th of July, which means there’s a lower chance of delays caused by congested shipping channels. You won’t have to wait as long for your new TV to arrive if you buy one now. There’s also a bit more time for you to pick the brand and model that you want because stocks won’t be running out as fast. That said, you shouldn’t be taking your time, especially if you’re aiming to buy one of the popular models from an established brand.

How to choose a TV on the 4th of July

With all the brands and models available, in addition to the types of TVs that you can buy, it’s a daunting task to wade through today’s 4th of July TV deals and choose what you’ll buy before the discounts disappear. It’s not impossible though, and you should start by setting your budget. It’s fine to spend a bit more than what you initially thought, but you’ll want to stay within your predetermined amount so that you won’t be using money that’s allocated for other expenses.

If you’ve got your sights set on taking advantage of 4K TV deals, you should check out Digital Trends’ 4K TV buying guide. The guide explains everything that you need to know before moving ahead with a purchase, including the size that you should be looking for, the different kinds of technology that you will find in 4K TVs, and the various displays that are available. In general, you should buy the biggest, most advanced TV that your wallet will allow so that you can enjoy the latest features in the industry for the best viewing experience possible.

Two of the displays that you can find on 4K TVs are QLED and OLED, and you might want to look at QLED TV deals and OLED TV deals to see what’s available. Each of these display types has advantages over the other, with QLED offering higher brightness, longer lifespan, and larger screen sizes, while OLED features better viewing angles, deeper black levels, and less power consumption. QLED is better all around, but OLED is preferred if you can control the lighting of your room.

After learning all the terms that you need to know to be able to choose from today’s 4th of July TV sales, the next thing you should look at is Digital Trends’ best TVs for 2021 so that you’ll get an even better idea of what to look for when buying a new TV. Additionally, if you see a deal that features one of the recommended TVs, you shouldn’t hesitate on taking advantage of the offer because you’ll surely get amazing value. While there are many TVs in the market that are solid options, those on our list are guaranteed to be surefire hits for your family and your living room.

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