Super Fast 4G Internet

If you can not get a fiber optic or ADSL internet connection where you live, we have the perfect answer. A super fast 4G internet connection. With up to 30MB download speeds and no download limitations, 4G internet is the perfect solution for IPTV streaming and internet browsing.

  • Up to 30MBS
  • Unlimited Download
  • No Comitment, come & go as you please…

Our 4G internet is great if you are not able to get fiber internet installed in your location.

With no comitment to stay, if your not here all year round, you can turn off the service when not needed and save…

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Fiber Optic Internet

We offer 2 options for Fiber Optic Internet, 300MB & 50MB.

Really FAST internet…

While not available in all areas, a fiber optic internet connection is the most stable and fastest internet connection currently available. For the majority of users, a 50MB connection is more than sufficient.

If you require IPTV, your requirements for bandwidth will depend on the definition of the IPTV stream you are watching…

For standard definition IPTV the normal requirement would be 2-3MB (megabits per second). For HD quality IPTV streaming, 5MB is recommended. And for Ultra definition (4K) IPTV you will need 25MB.

So with an up to 50MB connection even if you are watching 4K TV, you still have plenty of bandwidth for other users on laptops, smartphones and games consoles.