Automated Climate Control

Climate control that senses more than just the temperature.

One of the nicest things about having a smart automated living space is its ability to cleverly respond to changes in environmental conditions. Many systems allow you to preset desired temperatures for different times of the day and weekdays vs weekends, but what if your unexpectedly home on a weekday and what happens when your away on holiday?

Climate control systems from Oakley Automated Living can take care of every situation automatically and with the minimum of user intervention. With out climate control systems, your thermostat will cleverly sense which “mode” your home is set to and respond accordingly, setting your home temperature and conditions perfectly for whatever your doing.

Discrete climate control.

As our climate control thermostats can receive input from more than on source, there is no need to have an ugly thermostat on the wall in every room. Oakley Automated Living can install the required sensors, out of sight, in the most ideal location for the situation. All out climate control thermostats can be controlled via remote, touch screens, smart phones and tablets, which means there is no reason to have the thermostat anywhere that it is visible.

Climate control, one step further.

In addition to controlling heating and air conditioning, Orbit Automated Living home automation systems can control many other devices to provide the perfect home conditions.

Your fireplace can be manually controlled or automatically set to switch on when a home or room mood is set.

If you have a room that gets a lot of sun at a certain time of day or year, shades, blinds or curtains can be programmed to automatically close to keep your home from getting uncomfortably hot. During the colder months, the same shades can be programmed to open during the day to catch the sun and then close during the evening or when a room mood is set for privacy.

Our climate control systems automatically senses when the sun rises and sets every day so you wont have to adjust anything as the days get longer or shorter.

As a bonus, as your home will only be using energy to heat or cool your home when it is actually required, there are potential cost savings to be made. Not having to leave the air conditioning on all day to ensure your home is cool on your return, being able to program or remotely switch on the heating so that you return to a cosy warm house, rather than leaving it on all day…


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