Fibaro Smart Home

Create your perfect Smart Home with Fibaro.

Fibaro Z Wave devices provide an integral ecosystem adapted to the functions and needs of each area and inhabitants of your home.

Access Control





You can manage and receive information instantly from the accesses of your home, whether you are inside or outside the home.
You will know who knocks at your door when you are not
You can also give it access remotely.

Climate Control

You will control the climate management from wherever you are or automatically, by temperature or by pre-established schedules


You will know when and who enters and leaves the house. If you knock on the door you can open it remotely.
We will place detectors to detect the movement of people and for the system to notify you instantly through your mobile.
We will place cameras so they can monitor what can happen at home, in real time.
We can place deterrent sirens to sound whether the alarm goes off or if you want to activate it remotely.
We will place fire detectors, gas leaks or floods that will allow you to react quickly.

Energy Monitoring

You can manage the lights on or off manually or by preset times, being inside the house.
You will control the on, off and autonomous function of all the small and large appliances that you have plugged in (oven, radiator, fan …)

Blinds & Shades

The blinds and the shading function in the Smart Home works absolutely autonomously. Once assigned the location of the blind, programmed the target temperature and decided the details such as schedules or luminosity, we can already forget the operation of the blinds because it is completely automated.

WiFi Network

We create a Wi-Fi network in your home so you have the speed you have contracted and we include security software to protect it.
We also include a wi-fi network for guests.