The Super Bowl isn’t just a day for the best football players in the world to face off, for fans to tune in to the game while gorging on extravagant spreads, or for advertisers to try and catch the attention of millions across the world with catchy commercials. It’s also a good opportunity to get a sneak peek at highly anticipated movies and TV shows.

Several projects have already capitalized on the opportunity this year. Here are the top Super Bowl trailers of 2020, plus a few we’re expecting to be unveiled during the action this weekend.

Paramount Pictures released a new TV spot for the highly anticipated sequel to 2018’s A Quiet Place and, while it’s only 30 seconds long, there is plenty to get hyped about in the preview. It appears as if we’ll get a glimpse of the events leading up to the first movie and the origin of the creatures introduced in the franchise. It also appears that Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt) and her family decide to leave their home following the dramatic end to the first movie. The trailer adds more questions than it answers, but it has us intrigued for the March 20 release.

It might seem weird that this movie is even happening, but here we are. And surprisingly, its Super Bowl trailer is actually pretty solid. Disguised as an athletic ad featuring stars like football player Christian McCaffrey, gold medal sprinter Allyson Felix and NASCAR driver Kyle Busch, it’s revealed that everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog is behind the camera. Plus, it’s hard to dismiss a movie that features Jim Carrey playing an insane, over-the-top villain like Dr. Robotnik.

Are you tired of live-action remakes of animated classics yet? Disney sure isn’t. The latest iteration is Mulan, which appears to have some pretty stunning cinematography from the looks of this new Super Bowl spot. We all know the story, of course, but it’s always interesting to see how these classics are translated to the world of live-action cinema.

SpongeBob is heading back to the big screen, and it did its best to get us excited about it with this Super Bowl spot. Improved animation? Check. Fourth-wall-breaking moment in the first five seconds? It’s got it. Snoop Dogg playing himself, and Keanu Reeves playing a talking tumbleweed? Just take our money already.

Hunters is an outlier on this list since it’s a trailer for an Amazon Prime TV series, not a movie. However, it’s a series with a compelling premise — a group of Nazi hunters assembles in 1977 New York City to prevent the rise of the Fourth Reich — along with Jordan Peele as an executive producer and Al Pacino as part of the cast. Those pieces alone will probably make Hunters worth watching.

More to come?

In stark contrast to regular Super Bowl commercials, where just about every major advertiser has released an ad or teaser online well before the game, we suspect a number of movie trailers are being held until the big reveal during the NFL championship. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what other trailers we’ll see, but we can speculate.

Fast and Furious 9 dropped a new trailer just before the Super Bowl, though we could see an extended version on Sunday. With Marvel Studios’ Black Widow set to release May 1, we can probably expect to see new footage from Scarlett Johansson‘s return as the MCU’s superspy. Other upcoming releases like Top Gun: Maverick, Jungle Cruise, and Wonder Woman 1984 are strong contenders for Super Bowl spots, too.

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