These days, companies that wait until Super Bowl Sunday to actually unveil their Super Bowl commercials are, frankly, late to the game. That’s why, with the NFL’s championship between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs still to be played, plenty of commercials, and even teasers for full-length spots, have flooded the web.

So, before you hunker down in front of your flat-screen — perhaps even a new 4K HDR TV you’ve landed just in time for the gridiron action — here are the best Super Bowl commercials of 2020 so far.

Smaht Pahk, Hyundai

Featuring Chris Evans, John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch and Big Papi himself, David Ortiz, Hyundai had some fun with the traditional Boston accent in this hilarious bit. The company’s 2020 Hyundai Sonata features Remote Smart Parking Assist or, as the three Massachusetts natives and the New England sports legend call it, smaht pahk.

Whassup Again, Budweiser/Uber

It seems like everyone’s doing sequels or remakes these days, and Budweiser is no exception, as it teamed up with Uber to get in on the fun. Budweiser’s classic commercial gets a modern update, with an entire house full of smart home devices taking center stage. (See our list of the best Super Bowl spots of all time for a refresh.)

Typical American, Budweiser

Budweiser also opted for a more sentimental commercial this year, void of celebrities or over-the-top humor. Instead, a voice-over riffs off the idea of a “typical American” while showing some truly wholesome scenes, from a firefighter battling a blaze in a forest to a member of the military returning home to surprise his father. Leave it to Budweiser to show a heartwarming commercial can be just as worthy as a funny one.

The Heist, Porsche

In a scene straight out of the Fast and Furious playbook, security guards at the Porsche Museum in Germany embark on a high-speed chase in a fleet of Porsches, from the company’s new Taycan to the new guy’s ride, a sweet-looking but ultimately slow-as-molasses farm tractor. The chase features plenty of slick driving, though none better than the moment an entourage of Porsches tip-toes past a police car.

Be The One, Microsoft

Microsoft’s commercial for this year’s Super Bowl went the inspirational route, telling the story of San Francisco 49ers Offensive Assistant Coach Katie Sowers, the first woman in NFL history to coach in the Super Bowl. A montage of Sowers’ life, spliced with her on the field coaching 49ers players, makes for a heartfelt look into an important moment in the history of the sport.

Loretta, Google

Aw man, we weren’t ready for the kind of emotion this commercial from Google is bringing to the table. As an elderly man interacts with Google Assistant to bring up memories of his late wife Loretta, there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

Monologue, Doritos

Bring in Doritos, more specifically Sam Elliott and Lil Nas X, for some comedic relief. There’s something purely awesome about Sam Elliot giving a monologue made up of Old Town Road lyrics in the signature thunderous tone that only he can deliver. We’re kind of excited to see where this spot goes, to be honest.

Where It All Began, Cheetos

MC Hammer is no stranger to Super Bowl commercials, and Cheetos’ teaser for its upcoming spot features the one-time hip-hop star in an apparent nod to where his hit 1990 song “U Can’t Touch This” began. Can’t go wrong with the classics.

Dirty Laundry, Tide

Featuring It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Charlie Day and Schitt’s Creek’s Emily Hampshire, Tide’s latest Super Bowl ad features the pair of actors literally sifting through their own dirty laundry. It’s a funny-enough teaser, and with Tide’s rankings among some of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time, we’re optimistic about what’s in store for Sunday.

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