If your motto is “go big or go home” and you’re on the hunt for some of the best 85-inch TV deals, you’ve come to the right place. There are a ton available, right now! Retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart all have great options, but there’s no telling what kind of supply chain issues — hello microchip shortage — shipping delays, and inventory problems we’ll see closer to the holidays!

An 85-inch TV is about as big as consumer-grade televisions can get nowadays, but as you’d imagine, they are pricey. Below, we’ve put together a roundup of all the best 85-inch TV deals and lowest prices available online right now — including Black Friday 85-inch TV deals — on everything from budget-friendly sets to the latest bleeding-edge OLED and 8K televisions. If you still need a hand deciding which TV is right for your home theater setup, we can also offer some must-read shopping advice to help you on your search.

Today’s best 85-inch TV deals

Indulge yourself with a huge 85-inch TV that has amazing contrast and crisp details. Whether you’re checking your home through a smart camera or playing an immersive game, this TV has got you covered. more

It doesn’t get much better than TCL when it comes to budget-friendly TVs, and if you want to go big, you can do a lot worse than this 4-Series 4K Roku TV which sits at a massive 85 inches. more

This TV will surely bring a cinema-like experience to your home. Content is displayed with great colors and details as well as good motion clarity. It connects to the Wi-Fi and supports voice control. more

Are 75-inch TVs just not quite big enough, but the price of other 85-inch panels has you down? The Hisense H65 series should scratch your itch for a cinematic home theater experience. more

This 85-inch TV has several key features, including crystal processor, multi-voice, smart TV power, HDR, crystal display, built-in Alexa, and VESA wall mount support. more

How to choose an 85-inch TV

If you’ve got your heart set on finding some 85-inch TV deals, then you’ve obviously already decided that you want to go big. Don’t rush, though; before you start shopping, it’s a good idea to make certain that this is the size that’s actually optimal for the room in which your home theater setup resides. Just because a television will fit on your wall or on your TV stand doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best choice. Be sure to read through our guide that lays out what size TV to buy for more in-depth analysis.

After you’ve settled on shopping through these 85-inch TV sales, however, then it’s time to start doing some more specific research. We don’t have to tell you that not all TVs are the same. This market is pretty broad nowadays (just about everybody owns a television, after all), and if you haven’t bought a TV in a while, you might not be up to speed with the current lay of the land. There are a number of different panel types available, and you might even consider upgrading to an 8K TV if your budget allows and you really want something that’s on the bleeding edge.

For most people, though, 4K TV deals are more than good enough and will deliver more value for your money — as new technology, 8K TVs are prohibitively expensive right now, as you can imagine. Home theater enthusiasts looking for an upgrade over standard UHD LED televisions will be better served by shopping for QLED TV deals and OLED TV deals instead of shelling out thousands for an 8K set in our opinion.

QLED and OLED display technologies offer some advantages over traditional backlight LED screens, which is what you’ll see most when shopping through 85-inch TV sales. QLED (quantum light-emitting diode) panels feature small nanoparticles that catch and amplify light, delivering a brighter, more color-accurate picture than basic LED backlighting can offer. OLED (organic LED) panels reinvent traditional backlighting entirely and instead utilize particles that light up independently, meaning that parts of the screen can be totally unlit even when the TV is on.

OLED lighting offers the deepest contrast you’re likely to find on a modern TV as a result. This is great if you find yourself annoyed by problems such as washed-out dark colors (e.g. black looking more like dark gray during night or space scenes), artifacting, and light bleed that you can often experience with LED displays. OLED panels are the most expensive of the lot, though — LG is the only company that even makes these screens, and other brands that make OLED TVs use LG’s panels — but QLED televisions, by contrast, have dropped in price significantly in recent years.

QLED represents a good sweet spot if you want something other than a basic 4K television when shopping through these 85-inch TV sales and don’t want to pony up the cash for an OLED model, but at this size, they’re still likely to be somewhat expensive. QLED sets are still worth keeping on your radar as you hunt for 85-inch TV deals, while shoppers who are serious about their home entertainment may want to consider upgrading to OLED if they can justify the cost. In either case, you likely won’t be disappointed.

That said, most people should be perfectly happy with a good 4K LED smart TV so long as they stick with trusted brands like LG, Samsung, Sony, and Vizio, along with a few others. The final thing you should consider is the television’s software. All modern TVs are smart TVs, meaning they come with a pre-installed software interface and online streaming capabilities.

This should actually sit fairly low on the hierarchy of things to look for when buying any 85-inch TV deals that catch your eye. Unless you already have a software UI you really like (one that easily interfaces with other devices you own or your existing smart home ecosystem, for example), then don’t worry too much about it. All of these smart TV operating systems — Roku, Android TV, Samsung Tizen, LG webOS, Fire TV, etc. — can run the latest streaming apps and channels, so you don’t have to fret about being unable to access any of your content libraries.

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