German Hi-Fi specialist T+A Elektroakustik has introduced the MP 3100 HV, a high-end all-in-one Bluetooth-enabled media player with SACD drive.

The company suggests that the High Res Audio disc format is experiencing a revival akin to vinyl. While this may seem optimistic, those enthusiasts with substantial Super Audio CD collections will surely take a keen interest in this highly specified player.

MP3100HV Media Player Rear (1)

Build quality, like the rest of the HV Series, is exceptional. Depending on the incoming data format, content sources pass through one of two completely separate signal paths, optimised for either DSD or PCM. After the two separate converters, the following analogue section is constructed using T+A fully symmetrical double mono principle..

In addition to disc playback, the MP 3100 HV sports FM, FM-HD (in the US) and DAB+ tuners, and incorporates T+A’s high-Res streaming board for file playback. Integrated music services include Tidal, Quboz and Deezer.

MP3100HV_ Media Player Top Off

The Player, or even an entire T+A HV system, can be controlled using the FD 100 radio remote control handset, or the T+A Control app.

The MP 3100 HV network player has a retail price of £12,690. Distribution is via Kog Audio.


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