GROHE has added a new model to its Rainshower F-Series, the 40-inch AquaSymphony. Bringing a new luxurious dimension to showering, the new oversized statement head shower appeals to all senses as it comes complete with ambient lighting and sound- so you can create your perfect shower, every time.

More than one metre long and in excess of 75 centimetres wide, the Rainshower F-Series 40-inches is all about total freedom of choice, offering up to 12 different spray patterns to suit any taste. The mood lighting can also be personalised to create the desired effect, from relaxing to energising.

With prices starting from £22,547, the exclusive shower includes head, ceiling-mounted and side showers as well as elements for mood lighting and sound. Digital controls and interfaces allow users to personalise the shower experience in accordance with their unique needs for the ultimate well-being in the shower, day by day.

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