StormAudio, the hardware brand of Auro Technologies, has announced a new high-end AV receiver, the I.ISP 3D.16.12 (pictured above). Amplification is Class-D and rated at 12×200 Watts. It’s equipped with 4-balanced XLR outputs for connection to an external amp. The I.ISP 3D.16.12 is equipped with a wide assortment of analog and digital inputsand retails for €13.990,00.

The so-called Super-AVR joins the brand’s 16-channel ISP 3D.32 ELITE Reference Edition preamp/processor (pictured below). The brand will be holding live demonstrations of both, with content mastered in Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, in conjunction with exhibit partner Triad Speakers.

PA 16 ELITE - Back View

“We created a range of home theater components that deliver superb fidelity and incorporate unique advancements to make for easiest-possible dealer setup, expansion and servicing – and the industry experts have quickly taken notice. We are really excited to present this range at ISE,” says Yves Trélohan, StormAudio Senior Vice President.

StromAudio’s sound processors share the same GUI, modular platform and web-based remote-monitoring program. “This consistent GUI and platform make it easier to install and add channels, requiring significantly less training time,” adds Trélohan.

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In addition to the 16-channel ISP 3D.16 ELITE (€9.990,00), the brand offers the 32-channel ISP 3D.32 ELITE (available in Analogue or Digital, €13.990,00) and 32-channel ISP 3D.32 ELITE Reference Edition (€17.500,00).

StormAudio currently offers 8- and 16-channel amplifers to complement its processors. They employ an electronically-managed vent system for temperature control, making them suitable for rack-mounting. The amps can also be remotely monitored.

The line up comprises the 8-channel PA 8 ELITE (€5.990,00); higher-current 8-channel PA 8 ULTRA ELITE (€7.500,00) and 16-channel PA 16 ELITE (€8.990,00).


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