Spiral straircases are not only an excellent space saver to connect two floors but they can also be an interior design statement. Staricase manufacturar, Spiral UK has installed not one but three of their tailored-made pieces art a new home in Jersey.

The central helical staircase of this new build was featured on Grand Designs: House of the Year 2016 where Kevin McCloud commented on the main staircase, calling it a “Helical masterpiece”, saying it was a “very compelling Corten staircase to the hinge of the building.”

The helical staircase is located in the heart of the Jersey property. Mark Whitby, Sales Manager at Spiral UK, said: “The design intent was for the staircase to sit within the building like a hinge point, between the two wings. The whole concept of this project was to use materials that can be used both internally and externally.”


The living spaces on the second floor of the home are accessed from this feature staircase built with a Corten structure with solid oak tread overlays and risers. A glazed circular rooflight allows the space to be flooded with light, emphasising the beautiful textures and colours of the staircase.

Curved walls on a higher level of the home help to hide an escape route staircase which was required by Building Regulations. This secret staircase is made from a beautiful precast concrete construction which is hidden from sight.


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