Italian projector manufacturer Sim2 has announced its first HDR-compatible projection system. The HDR Sim2 Dual System uses two custom-made projectors (with different optics, firmware and set up) designed to produce a combined image that has a dynamic range of more than 14 f-stops, a greater number than commercial cinema, with high brightness.

However Sim2 says that even the best can be better and that its system has a potential for much more. For this reason, the company has invited Joe Kane, from JK Productions (JKP) to talk about the future of HDR at ISE 2017.

Kane specialises in the sciences of electronic imaging, accurately reproducing video signals onelectronic display devices. He has produced multiple ground-breaking programs on the subject, creating references for both the program production and consumer worlds. His company’s current efforts are focused on defining the ultimate UHD system, one that would include and benefit the majority of consumers interested in viewing program content.

“We are very proud of the extraordinary performance of our HDR Projection System.” stated SIM2 R&D and HDR Director, Domenico Toffoli, adding: “It’s the result of many years of continuous research, development and improvements, but we found in Joe Kane much more than we expected and thanks to his competence and know how we are now able to arise to an unprecedented level the performances even better than our best dream.”

” I’m impressed with SIM2’s approach to implementing HDR to projection technology and the power of the SIM2 platform and the wider color capability associated with it. The direction they are taking is higher in light output is well above the current implementation of HDR in digital cinema. I worked with SIM2 to put in place my knowledge and my scientific approach. The outcome from this intense activity is beyond my best expectations” stated Joe Kane of JKP.

The Sim2 HDR production systems can be seen at ISE on H1N75. Demos for installers run Wednesday 8 at 3pm, Thursday 9 at 5pm, Friday 10 at 11am.


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