Lighting specialist Rako says it will introduce a number of innovative new products at ISE 2017.

The RAK-8 will make its debut at the show, promising to be a more space efficient and flexible centrally wired installation option. Fitted in the same boxes as the standard Rako RAK-4, the RAK-8 has eight outputs and can be fitted with any combination of four different types of plug-in modules, to suit a variety of different loads. Integrators can expect a choice of modules for leading, trailing and digital dimming, as well as a module for curtain and blind control.

Rako also has new wired wallplates incoming, redesigned to improve energy efficiency. Power consumption is said to be less than half of the previous wired keypad model. Diagnostic tell-back LEDs have been added, giving an advanced level of feedback to assist in cable fault finding.

The range of WLED products will allow Rako’s selection of CV (constant voltage) LED dimmers to be connected directly to a wired network. Single colour or RGBW tape can both be dimmed directly by using either the WLED75/150CV1 and WLED30CV4 respectively.

Rako Ise Keypad

The RMT-Pill is an upgrade to the old RDT-Pill. As well as now having 16 scene capability the RMT-Pill can now operate with a neutral connection, which allows the module to control the same range of loads as an RMT500, including LEDs. Wired with a neutral, it has a load rating of 1-250W. When used without a neutral, in the same way as an RDT-Pill it has that units same restrictions of mains voltage tungsten loads only between 60-250W.

Rako is also introducing a new range of decorative screwless plates in six standard finishes; Satin Stainless, Polished Steel, Black Nickel, Chocolate Bronze, Polished Brass and White. Custom finishes are also available to order, subject to additional costs and extended lead times.

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In related news, Rako is planning to relaunch its website this February. ”This is an incredibly exciting development,” says the company, “thatr will see the site transformed into a clean, functional and simple to navigate site”


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