Smeg has re-teamed with Dolce & Gabbana for a second collection of small domestic appliances. The aptly named ‘Sicily is my Love’ range, unveiled at Salone del Mobile in Milan, includes a blender, citrus juicer, stand mixer, coffee machine, toaster, kettle and slow juicer, each decorated with colourful Sicilian motifs.


The line follows last year’s ‘Frigorifero d’Arte’ refrigerator collection, which transformed the brand’s FAB28 fridge.

Every pattern is 100 per cent unique, and celebrates the province’s culinary delights and traditional dishes. Each model is finished with a ‘Made in Italy’ emblem.

The motifs are quintessentially Sicilian – the coasts and landscapes of southern Italy and Mount Etna, as well as citrus fruits, prickly pears, cherries, framed in crocchi decorations. known as ‘crocchi’.

The Smeg Dolce & Gabbana SDA range designs in detail:

Smeg ToasterTSF01 & TSF02 Toaster
Terracotta vases, painted in the style of traditional Sicilian carts, are a feature of these toasters. The smaller 2-slice model also boasts a variety of birds and sailboats crossing the Mediterranean sea, while the 4-slice model is decorated with the trinacria pattern, the traditional symbol of Sicily.

CJF01 Citrus Juicer
Three ovals house classic Sicilian symbolism, including golden lemons, Mediterranean oranges and an image of Mount Etna with prickly pears peaking in the foreground. Colourful decorative cartocci embellish the design of the juicer.


KLF11 Kettle
This kettle is adorned with the Sicilian cart motif, alongside citrus fruits and Sicilian paparuni.

Stand MixerSMF01 Stand Mixer
Lemons, cherries, prickly pears and the intense blue of the Sicilian sky enhance the brand’s iconic stand mixer.

BLF01 Blender
The design of the blender includes the ruins of the Greek temple of Castor and Pollux.

SJF01 Slow Juicer
Taking its lead from a stidda sunburst motif, the central element of the juicer is dominated by a ncudduriuna, a sequence of intricate, rounded forms inspired by Arab art. A horizontal strip encloses a series of triangular shapes known as crocchiole, within which Sicilian fruits are painted.

Coffee MachineECF01 Coffee Machine
The decorations found on the coffee machine are inspired by the ancient patterns of the Sicilian cart of Catania. A sequence of cartocci, similar to stylized acanthus leaves, surround a traditional Baroque print, while the lower part of the machine hosts an oval cameo portraying this classic symbol of Sicily. An elegant catenella pattern encloses the entire unit.

Prices are available on application. The collection will be available to purchase later this year on, or by calling 0844 557 9907.


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