Panasonic will continue to fly the flag for 3D with its 4K LED flagship, the EX750. The news will be welcomed by 3D Blu-ray enthusiasts looking to upgrade to UHD. The set will be available in four screen sizes: 75-, 65-, 58- and 50-inches.

The EX750 (known as the EX780 across Europe) employs a Super Bright panel with ‘Supreme Contrast’ and is powered by the same Studio Colour HCX2 processor found on Panasonic’s EZ1002 and EZ952 OLED screens. Digitally Enhanced Local Dimming of the LED backlighting has been optimised for better handling of black level detail and HDR.

The screen also boasts Panasonic’s new HDR Brightness Enhancer feature, designed to optimise HDR picture quality when viewed in brightly lit rooms. Dark scenes, which can be difficult to see in these conditions, are optimised by increasing the luminance of low brightness areas. Peak brightness is said to be around 500 nits.

The EX750 (pictured above) has a Switch Design stand which allows the 50- and 58-inch screens to be fixed in any one of four vertical positions for a freestanding or cabinet mounted design solution, or installed with a swivel option on the 50-inch, 58-inch and 65-inch models gives even more viewing angle flexibility. This ‘Switch Design’ incorporates a cable management solution which ensures all wires are neatly hidden from view in the stand’s central pole. The EX750 is the only screen in Panasonic’s 2017 line-up to support 3D.

Panasonic TV EX700

The EZ750 will be joined by the EX700 and the EX600.

The EX700 4K HDR screen, available in 65-, 58-, 50- and 40-inch screen sizes, doesn’t use the same processing engine as the EX750. Peak brightness is said to be around 350 nits. It also has a variable stand which can be set to the full width of the TV or reversed in a narrower setting according to the width of the table top or cabinet in the home.

Panasonic’s entry-level HDR 4K model is the EX600 (pictured below), available in 65-, 55-, 49- and 40-inch sizes. It doesn’t use a wide colour panel. Peak brightness is around 350 nits. All HDR screens will support HLG broadcast HDR.

Panasonic TV EX600

All Panasonic’s Smart 4K screens use the Home Screen 2.0 connected platform, an evolution on 2016’s Firefox OS. While original developer Mozilla is no longer involved, the code is open source, which has allowed Panasonic’s own development team to continue with the platform. It looks familiar, with that minimal ‘pin’ interface, but has a number of refinements, including a folder system which allows users to groups favourite apps together, as well as a revamped Media Player app that supports 4K HDR10 and HLG content playback. Integrated streaming services include 4K HDR streaming from Netflix, Amazon and YouTube.


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