Panasonic’s incoming ‘4K Pro’ EZ1002 (pictured above) and EZ952 OLED TVs have been lauded by Hollywood post production and film services outfit Deluxe, after completing a “rigorous tuning process” to ensure the 4K UHD sets they accurately reflect the creative intent of film-makers.

Colourists, image scientists and engineers at Deluxe’s Company 3, EFILM, and Encore post-production companies worked to tune and test both models. They have also approved the EZ1002 for use as a client reference monitor for colour grading sessions on blockbuster feature films and high-end television shows across their facilities.

Deluxe is at the forefront of post production and visual effects. Recent movie and TV work includes Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, La La Land, House of Cards and Supergirl. This year, 13 of the films nominated for Academy Awards this year were created by Deluxe artists.

Guardians -of -the -Galaxy

“Colour has a latent power; its ability to evoke emotions that help filmmakers tell stories,” says Stefan Sonnenfeld, Chief Creative Officer of Deluxe and Founder of Company 3. “If you aren’t seeing colour as it was intended, you aren’t getting the experience that was intended. Until now there hasn’t been an affordable way to present multiple formats consistently in a way that we can approve. The Panasonic EZ1002 TV is a major breakthrough, delivering consistently with the parameters and characteristics we see on professional-grade monitors that our colourists are referencing.”

“Since our clients trust us to ensure that consistency of experience we need to be really comfortable. After putting this TV through its paces, we are confident that it does – throughout post-production and right to the consumer.”

Yasushi Murayama, head of Panasonic’s European TV business, said “Panasonic’s plasma TVs have for a long time been widely used in film production, and we are honoured that Deluxe will use the EZ1002 OLED TV as a client monitor option in its facilities. It’s a testament to our engineers and the knowhow we have built up over the years, that our OLED TVs are now able to deliver picture quality which meets their stringent requirements for a professional environment.”

Both the 4K Pro EZ1002 and EZ952 OLED TVs have also been certified Ultra HD Premium and received THX 4K certification.


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