Image of a family enjoying a home movie nightCurling up on the couch with your little ones can be the perfect way to spend a chilled out Sunday afternoon or a cosy rainy day under your duvet; and a home cinema makes it an even more exciting experience. Watch all your favourite DVDs and Blu-rays with the drama of the cinema – top notch visuals and sound will make staying in the new going out!

To make your family time even more special, why not create special themed movie nights for your kids – you’ll make memories that last a lifetime (and it’s the perfect way to keep them busy!).

The hype around Frozen is still very much alive, so it’s a perfect pick for a home cinema evening in. Print some colouring sheets of Olaf, Elsa and co. off the internet to get them in the mood before your movie has even started, then take an ice-cream sundae making break halfway through the film. To make the most of all the CGI splendour, you can invest in a top quality home cinema system, with a top of the range HD screen. Or, for a truly big screen experience, purchase a projector – the kids will definitely feel like they’re at the movies.

Treat your kiddies to a screening of an old favourite: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – the original, of course! Take them to an old fashioned sweetshop beforehand to choose snacks and nibbles, and help them to create golden tickets they can hand over before they enter your home cinema. Choose top-quality speakers to really get the most from the iconic tunes sung by Charlie, Wonka and the Oompa Loompas – you’ll find that if all of your audio equipment is the same brand, you’ll get the kind of rich sound experience that mum and dad can enjoy just as much as the kids.

The other big film of the moment is Despicable Me and the minions from it are a firm favourite with kids the world over. Help your kids to create superhero capes to wear while they watch the film, and decorate rich tea biscuits with lurid yellow minion-coloured icing and draw minions’ faces on them for snacks while the film is playing.

It’s the perfect way to spend some quality time with your children and also get a little bit of peace and quiet – so the next time you’re stuck for something to do on a rainy day, how about a themed movie night?

Image attribution: Home movie night by Citizen 4474 licensed under Creative commons 4

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