Monitor Audio’s SoundFrame, first iintroduced in 2011, is a slimline in-wall and on-wall loudspeaker system that doubles as a picture frame, allowing them to more easily blend into interior décor. Individual images for the grille cloths can be selected from a library (choose from arty patterns or Alice Cooper!), or bespoke speakers can be created using supplied high resolution images.

Available in three sizes, SoundFrame speakers are available in high gloss white or high gloss black lacquer. Each speaker cabinet is 87mm deep.

SoundFrames can be fitted either in-wall or on-wall and with or without a frame using the Frameless Grilles option. Monitor Audio suggests the speakers are suitable for both home theatre or multiroom applications. The speakers can be installed using keyhole fixings for on-wall, and pre-fix corner brackets for in-wall models.

The range comprises three models. The SoundFrame 1 adopts the aspect of a typical portrait picture frame and would be used in a stereo configuration. SoundFrame 2 is a rectangular alternative, and can be used in a vertical or horizontal orientation. SoundFrame 3 is the most compact, and can be used as a rear speaker or in a sub-sat deployment.

Each SoundFrame features an Inverted Dual Concentric module which pivots in all directions, allowing the precise direction of crucial frequencies toward the listening area for greater detail, imaging and fidelity. The large high power bass driver uses Monitor Audio’s RST cone technology, first seen on its flagship speakers. The speakers can be room tuned, using a high frequency attenuator switch will raise or lower levels by 3dB.

SoundFrame 1 (which retails for around £450) and SoundFrame 2 (£460) utilise a 3-way full-range driver configuration featuring a pivoting IDC 4-inch mid-range/1-inch tweeter module and an 8-inch C-CAM bass driver. The SoundFrame 3 (£500 a pair) has a 2-way configuration with a pivoting 1-inch tweeter module and a 4-inch C-CAM driver. SoundFrame 3 has a 2-way configuration, with a pivoting 1 inch tweeter module with a 4-inch C-CAM driver.

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