Lode Audio has announced system drivers for Crestron’s Media Player driver and Command Fusion. The Lode Command Fusion solution (pictured above) has been produced in conjunction with Dubai-based integrator Platinum Vision and can be integrated into both Crestron and AMX systems.

Technical Director at Platinum Vision, Simon Dzeletovic, comments: “Through the process of migrating our offering to completely focus on Lode’s server solutions, we have formed a very close relationship on both a technical and business level with the team. I can say that Lode is an exciting company that really understands our business needs and offers a technical ability and turnaround that outpaces the competition and fits with our very exacting demands.”

Lode Command Fusion Driver

The Crestron Media Player driver supports the saving of queues as playlists and zone grouping for those not using a separate audio matrix. The interface (pictured above) remains within the Crestron application, as the other devices in the system, so users can navigate their music libraries and streaming services without having to load a separate app.

The drivers were first previewed at ISE 2017. Also seen at the show was the brand’s LA1A. This 50 Watt per channel Class D zone player needs only locally connected speakers to function as part into a fully-fledged LodeNet multiroom system.

Of ISE, Head of Sales and Marketing at Lode, Andy Oattes, says: “It’s almost like we are being seen as a bunch of geeks that have been developing world leading technology in our labs without anyone knowing quite what we’re up to and now ISE was the first real step into the market revealing to the world what we’re doing – and they loved it! As we come from the CI space, we think like our customers, we know the issues and saw a clear opportunity to provide the tech and leadership the space needs. We give the installers the product and platform and distribution strategy that outperforms the competition in all areas and the feedback couldn’t have been better!

Lode ISE Stand

ISE also saw the launch of the LA2 two-zone player. With a 1U form factor, it slots into a standard 19-inch rack.

UK-based Lode is now available through Hometronix (Nigeria), Advanced Territory Management (Canada) and Alfocus (Singapore & Indonesia). The company says it is working to sign-off with “some very big partners in America, Scandinavia and Europe.”


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