Linn has launched the Klimax 350 loudspeaker and Klimax Exaktbox, featuring the brand’s 4th generation in-house digital-to-analogue conversion technology: Katalyst DAC Architecture. Katalyst was introduced on Linn’s Klimax DS and Klimax DSM network music players, and has now been integrated into the full Klimax system.

Katalyst introduces a variety of refinements, says the company. “Now completely isolated from noise, both the Klimax 350 and Klimax Exaktbox have the ability to produce a high-stability input Reference Level that generates the signal’s amplitude without variation.”

It also delivers lower distortion through isolated power supplies, so feedback from one process cannot influence the performance of another. There’s also improved data optimisation, and an ultra-low distortion analogue output driver. There’s also a single high precision clock with its own independent power supply, for greater timing accuracy throughout. The Klimax 350 has been completely re-engineered with Linn’s Katalyst DAC Architecture.

Each speaker can deliver six independent channels, one for every speaker drive unit in order to tailor the signal to match the capability of the drive unit. Each channel has its own volume control, improved DAC with Katalyst and on-board power amplifier.

Linn says the combination of Katalyst and Exakt, results “in a performance so musical and free of distortion, it gets you closer than ever before to the original recording.”

The Linn Klimax Exaktbox brings Exakt technology to owners of Linn loudspeakers and selected speakers from other manufacturers , including B&W 802 Diamond, KEF Reference 3 & 5 and PMC twenty.26. With six channels on board, installers can upgrade a two or three-way speaker with one Klimax Exaktbox. For best performance, use one per speaker, which also means you can upgrade any four, five or even six-way speaker.

The Klimax System retails for £58,700, with the Klimax 350 priced at £49,500 and the Klimax Exaktbox £12,000. Existing owners can upgrade: Klimax Exaktbox Upgrade £3,400; Klimax 350 Upgrade £6,800; Klimax 350 Exakt Modules £27,800.
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