Hi-Fi specialist KEF is one of a handful of cutting-edge companies featured in a retrospective of visionary designer Ross Lovegrove, running at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, until July 3 2017.

The Convergence exhibition, part of the Mutations-Creations event, is devoted entirely to the work of Lovegrove. It features two KEF products: the Muo portable Bluetooth speaker (pictured below), and the Muon, KEF’s flagship stereo loudspeaker (above). Both products have been lauded for their industrial design and audio performance.

As an industrial designer, Ross Lovegrove says he is primarily inspired by nature and its evolutionary processes. He combines high tech materials and techniques with an organic aesthetic.


“The idea of convergence is important because it brings art and science together,” explains Lovegrove. “It is an overall approach to design that ought to play an essential role in the 21st Century Renaissance we are currently experiencing, which will lead to tangible creative principles that concern us all, wherever we are in the world.”

The KEF Muon was created by KEF in collaboration with Ross Lovegrove, with the aim of making something completely unique in the worls of audio design. Muon is made from super-formed aluminium (using a similar moulding process to vacuum forming) and reflects both Lovegrove’s organic design aesthetic and KEF’s research into the physics of sound. Muon is available in a limited edition of 100 pairs worldwide.

Under Lovegrove’s design direction, the Muo wireless speaker inherited its sculptural aesthetic from the visual style of the Muon. It’s made from an acoustically inert outer shell of extruded aluminium.


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