US-based audio specialist James Loudspeaker offers audio solutions that range from the exotic and unusual, such as its Steam Punk speakers (pictured above), to the discreet and unobtrusive, like the new 63SA-7HO for theater surround channels or distributed audio applications requiring higher output levels. Part of the company’s Small Aperture (SA) architectural speakers, the 63SA-7HO is a high-output in-ceiling loudspeaker.

The 63SA-7HO is a compact (7-inch depth) three-way speaker system featuring greater sensitivity than prior models and a new 6.5-inch woofer capable of significantly higher output. A sophisticated power limiter circuit protects the speaker from potentially harmful transients. With aircraft-grade aluminum construction and a modular design, the 63SA-7HO delivers superb room-filling full-range musical playback including clearly defined and extended bass response all through a diminutive 3-inch opening.

The SA series of speakers is available with an array of 3-inch round and square grilles, and has also been designed to accept industry standard 3-inch and 4-inch lighting trim kits to allow seamless integration with similarly styled lighting products.

James Loudspeaker Chief Marketing Officer Ted Telesky says, “The 63SA-7HO addresses that need and gives our integrators another valuable tool to help them deliver the finest entertainment systems imaginable for any décor.”

The company introduced the FXA Series angled baffle architectural series speakers for in-ceiling and in-wall applications, with discreet edge detail that appears virtually flush once installed. Ideal for home cinema applications, the FXA series makes an outstanding L/C/R and/or surround solution for in-wall or in-ceiling, allowing downward coverage adhering to the specifications required for Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D and DTS:X.

If you want to take your home cinema outdoor, James Loudspeaker has the solution, its built-to-size free-standing aluminum structure. Forming a slim black column type of box structure, the array would be assembled onsite, housing all of the required loudspeaker components for any surround format. The system is compatible with an array of subwoofer options depending on the décor and acoustic requirements of each room. The James Loudspeaker Modular Indoor/Outdoor Theater can be used for all three Immersive Audio formats; Dolby Atmos, Auro3D and DTS:X as well as conventional 5.1 or 7.1 surround formats based on the speaker configuration selected.

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James Loudspeaker has also announced the introduction of the W-Series loudspeakers designed for specialised boundary applications, such as integration into a 90-degree corner where walls and ceilings converge. The visually unobtrusive wedge-shaped form factor is ideal for the latest immersive 3D audio technologies (Dolby Atmos, Auro3D and DTS:X) as well as other applications and can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Continuing with the outdoor theme, James Loudspeakers was resenting its Omni48AT landscape satellite speaker and the Omni89AT satellite/subwoofer package. Both are made from marine-grade powder coated aluminum enclosures and feature proprietary purpose-built drivers for lasting performance. The J Omni48AT is able to deliver 360-degrees of refined sound from a single location. Using four coaxially mounted 0.75-inch aluminum dome tweeters over proprietary high-excursion 4-inch woofers mated to a sophisticated crossover network. The 4- inch woofers feature an aluminum cone and Santoprene surround to withstand harsh outdoor environments.

The Omni89AT is an Omni48AT combined with a matching down-firing 8-inch subwoofer also housed in an aluminum enclosure. The Omni89AT delivers full range omnidirectional sound from an above ground solution that is also visually elegant and unobtrusive. Typical applications include rocky landscape areas where traditional satellite/in-ground subwoofers cannot be installed, or a large area of open seating where full omnidirectional coverage is beneficial. The Omni89AT allows a single enclosure to do the same job as four 42AT All-Terrain satellite speakers with a subwoofer, delivering legendary James Loudspeaker performance in a more compact single-chassis above-ground unit.

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