Apple’s AirPods have come to symbolize the true wireless earbuds revolution. Now in their second iteration, the iconic buds have also been joined by the $249 AirPods Pro, giving iOS users two fantastic options for taking their tunes and calls with wireless freedom.

While the latest models bring some improvements to the table — most notably noise-canceling on the AirPods Pro — there’s one thing Apple hasn’t improved: The risk of losing one of both Pods, or even the Charging Case itself. Fortunately, losing any of these pieces isn’t the end of the world — everything right down to the Lightning Cable can be replaced. Unfortunately, that luxury is going to cost you…dearly.

At $199 a pair for the second-gen AirPods with wireless charging, and $249 a pair for the AirPods Pro, these buds aren’t the cheapest way to go fully wireless, but they might be the easiest and they’re certainly the most popular. With a pairing procedure that is effortless and wireless connectivity that is highly reliable, you can easily spend just as much on a set that won’t work quite as well — so it’s not difficult to see why people are flocking to them.

Price aside, managing several accessories at once can be tough, especially when you consider the AirPods require three individual pieces in order to function properly. After all, the possibility of losing one or all of these is certainly greater than losing a single pair of wired earbuds. And if you do lose them, how much is Apple charging to replace the AirPods/Pros and their accompanying case? Here’s what you’re looking at:

  • Individual AirPods (2nd gen): $69 each
  • AirPods charging case: $59
  • AirPods wireless charging case: $79
  • Individual AirPods Pro: $89 each
  • AirPods Pro wireless charging case: $89

What if you still have all of the parts, but something’s not working correctly? Thankfully, Apple’s AirPods and AirPods Pro are protected by a one-year warranty. Service for any AirPods with diminished battery capacity within this time frame will be free. Battery maintenance that falls outside this one-year warranty period will run you $49 for each Pod, totaling $98 for the pair, and $49 for the charging case.

If you’re the kind of person who really values peace of mind, subscribing to Apple AppleCare+ means that replacement part fees are capped at $29 per piece

If the merchant does not honor your warranty for whatever reason, try going to the Apple Store instead.

You can also contact Apple Support, though you will need to know the serial number for your product. This is the best option if you do not live relatively close to an Apple Store. You can also use Apple Support in tandem with Apple’s Express Replacement policy for added convenience. First, contact Apple Support and they will help you determine whether your product is still covered under warranty. If you’re eligible, Apple will ship a replacement AirPod or AirPod case to a designated location of your choosing. You’ll just need to mail the defective product to Apple within 10 days of Apple’s shipping date.

Need help figuring out issues with your current AirPods? If you haven’t outright lost or broken your earbuds, you may find relief in simple troubleshooting steps. We can’t guarantee your AirPods will come out like new on the other side of your resuscitation attempts, but it’s worth giving everything a try in our guide to common AirPods problems before you ship off another wad of cash to Apple.

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