At ISE 2017, HDAnywhere (HDA) will be showing a new range of products aimed at the residential market, including its patent-pending IP2IR control with macro-based Alexa control.

The IP2IR also comes within an HDMI matrix, that allows for a more straight forward installation by avoiding the need to add a third party controller in whole-home AV projects. HDA’s ‘bundled-free’ uControl app or Alexa, can be used to control connected sources and displays, as well as to trigger macros.

HDA’s uControl app is an impressive freebie. It is programming-free and very simple to set up, offering all the controllability required for most AV scenarios. Once downloaded, users can choose which source they want to watch and where. All the various functions of each device are shown on screen, including familiar button layouts and gesture control. It can be personalised with user-settable zone background images, plus the option for light or dark themes. There is no need for a separate controller as it is integrated into the matrix.

Also being launched at ISE is the MAX series of Ultra HD Premium compatible products that support 4K60 8bit 4:4:4 or 4K60 10bit 4:2:0 (HDR10) – even over a single Cat6 cable, for the most ‘Premium TV’ experience possible.

The first HDA MAX items are an 18G HDMI 2.0 spec matrix switcher and an 18G-over-HDBaseT long-range HDMI extender with ‘Tipping Point Compression’ (TPC). TPC makes it possible to transmit 600MHz/18G content down HDBaseT’s constricted 10.2G pipe using very light compression, meaning there is no human-perceivable difference in video quality while TPC is active. It’s smart because the compression only becomes active when the input data rate tips over the 10.2G threshold (which in reality, isn’t often) – hence ‘tipping point’.

Because not everything in life is video, HDA is premiering its first-ever audio product, the MHUB AUDIO matrix amplifier (pictured above). A fusion of the best of analogue and digital audio technology in a hybrid device that offers audio routing, lip-sync delay DSP two-band HF and LP EQ and high quality 50 watt sound amplification. Designed and built in the UK to be a natural companion to any PRO video matrix, also integrates immediately with uControl. Visit HDAnywhere in Hall 5, Stand R83.


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