According to reports, Apple is looking at expanding into Virtaul Reality and Augmented Reality, following the trend from other digital giants such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

In fact, at Facebook’s annual developers conference, F8, AR was highlighted as a focus of the social media company. The conference held last week saw the launch of Facebook Spaces. Still in beta, FB Spaces is a ‘Second life’ style environment that would allow users to virtually hang out with their friends.

Apple’s search for the next disruptive device to launch might also be going in the VR/AR direction. Although there has been no official unveiling from the technology giant, a new patent published by Apple in the US would suggest it is looking into it.

Apple’s development could be used for applications such as interior design, architecture or engineering. The patent describes using augmented reality to replace or add objects to a real scene. The lead image of this story, taken from the patent documents, explains how this might work in practise.

The expectation is that the glasses will fit into the Apple ecosystem, connecting wirelessly. The device could also be used for gaming and other immersive experiences.


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