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Music charts have been a staple for decades, showing folks how popular specific songs and artists are, usually at a national or global level. But what about regional differences? Could it be that people in Dallas are digging a very different set of tracks than the denizens of New York City or Seattle? Enter Apple Music‘s latest feature, City Charts, whoch gives a look at the top 25 tracks from major metro areas around the U.S. and around the world.

The City Charts, which cover more than 100 cities globally, are updated daily, Apple says. And they’re not exclusively based on the number of plays a track is getting. Apparently, Apple also looks for “additional signs of local popularity” to rank the top 25 songs gaining momentum with listeners locally, though the press release Digital Trends received did not offer any details on these additional factors.

You can access City Charts from Apple Music’s Charts page. It’s one of several new features hitting Apple’s subscription streaming music service today. Others include:

  • Motion for Artist Detail Pages: Artists can now add their own moving images to artist detail pages.
  • Lyrics Sharing: You can share your favorite lyrics using Messages, Facebook, and Instagram Stories. These links will take people to a specific part in the song. Apple Music subscribers can play the snippet in Messages without leaving the conversation.
  • Record Label Pages: The most popular releases from hundreds of record labels.
  • Search for Record Labels: Search now shows Record Labels in Suggestions and Top Results for relevant searches. A new Record Labels filter lets you refine your results based on label names.
  • Explore other albums from your favorite labels: Albums released from selected labels now have a link to the Record Label page just below the tracklist.
  • Library Made for You: A new shortcut makes it easier to find your personal mixes and Replay playlists.

It’s a big week for Apple software and services. Today, the company rolled out iOS 14.5 and tvOS 14.5, the latter of which features a new color-balancing tool for Apple TV 4K owners.

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