Vestel visual solutions brand Finlux has announced four new digital signage models. The brand may be best known as a consumer TV supplier, but it also specialises in interactive displays for the corporate, education and transport industries, as well as in the retail and hospitality markets.

All the new Pro AV models support a quick-start user experience, with built-in media-player functionality, with Auto Launch and USB AutoPlay.

Configurations include an infrared touch screen overlay, for use in retail self-service kiosks. Quadcore SoC technology and OPS compatibility with Windows and Android PC modules ensure that they can work with a whole range of design and digital signage software.

The Finlux STM series is available in 43-,49- and 55-inch screen sizes. These HD resolution screens offer 400 nit brightness levels.

The PDH series is a high brightness solution, suitable for shop front window areas and mirror-walled stores or changing rooms. They are rated at 700 Nits and come in the 43-, 49- and 55-inch screen sizes.

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The PDM series (43-, 49- and 55-inches) are designed for always-on opertaion, for use in everything from bars and nightclubs to police stations and hospitals. These HD resolution screens have a brightness of 400 nits and can be displayed in landscape or portrait mode.

When used with infrared touch screen overlays, they can also work with video teleconferencing software or collaborative space programmes that allow for multi-user touch control.

Topping the new line-up is the UHM UHD series. The 4K screens are available in 55-, 65-, 75- and 86-inch screen sizes, and offer 400 nits of brightness.


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