Network appliance maker Qnap Systems has partnered with IoT specialist Fibaro, to introduce an optimised smart home solution built on QNAP NAS solutions using Fibaro device.

A Qnap NAS running Fibaro software and technology will allow integrators to seamlessly automate lighting, heating, and security monitoring, as well as control shutters and windows and security systems.The Qnap server would act as the system management centre offering integrated support for motion sensors, shutter and lighting controllers.

The Qnap server could also store music and video, or act as an archive server for security footage.

QNAPx Fibaro _PR

The official launch of Fibaro solutions for Qnap NAS is scheduled for later this year. Polish-based Fibaro provides devices built on the Z-Wave platform. The company says it will provide non-invasive user-friendly installations for home and office.

Fibaro solutions for Qnap will run on Enterprise grade double servers, like the TDS-16489U, as well as smaller vertical NAS devices like the TS-453Bmini.


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