There are a number of ways to get a home cinema system in your home. You can buy an “all in one” home cinema system where the Blu-ray player, amplifier and speakers are all in a single box (the easy way) or choose to go the fully manual way and buy your amplifier, speakers and Blu-ray player separately (the flexible way). But what if, like most people, you already have the DVD or Blu-ray player and just want the speakers to get yourself set up with surround sound? Well, that’s where amplified speaker packages like the Edifier S760D come into play.

Speakers which can stand out, or blend in – your choice

Image of the Edifier S760D SpeakersThe speakers and subwoofer come in two big boxes with the sub weighing in at 19kg (it weighs 22kg in its box so will ideally require two people to lift it), with the five speakers weighing in at a more manageable 11.5kg combined.

When you get the speakers out of the packaging, you are met with a set of fairly standard and nondescript black boxes. The outer box has a “rain splatter” effect that gives the exterior a bit of interest but the removable grill is darker than it appears on the photographs and as a result the shiny speaker cones behind aren’t as obvious.

It’s clear that Edifier have played safe here which is no bad thing, as many people want their speakers to simply blend in, but those that do want to show them off can just remove the grilles and let them take centre stage. The best of both worlds.

The subwoofer is much less subtle though with a big, beautifully curved grill with a smart aluminium effect centre piece. The side of the speakers have two bass radiators to the side to give maximum depth to the sound.

Completing the package, is not one, but two remote controls. One is a standard style infra-red remote, but the other is a bit more special. It’s hard wired to the subwoofer so is not portable but it does allow a more intuitive method of controlling the inputs and sound effects with a screen and tactile volume dial.

Connections for most circumstances

Close up image of the rear panel of the Edifier S760D SubwooferEverything on the Edifier S760D is driven from the subwoofer, so you’ll need to position this where you can easily connect your devices to it. There are a multitude of options, with three optical connections, one coaxial, dual stereo inputs and analogue 5.1 connections.

The subwoofer acts as the amplifier too and will decode Dolby Digital, Pro Logic II and DTS to deliver the best possible performance.

You can connect a number of devices and use one of the remote control to switch between the inputs – an optical cable is supplied. Then it is a simple case of connecting the speakers using the supplied cable to the spring clip connections on the rear of the subwoofer and speakers. The cable supplied is decent quality and a good length at around 2m for the front three speakers, and 3m for the rear speakers.

Sound quality

Image of the Edifier S760D SubwooferThere is a certain anticipation of sound quality that comes with both the physical size, and the price of speakers. One of the most rewarding things about reviewing speakers is when the product meets or exceeds these expectations. The Edifier S760D speakers did this, but not in ways we thought.

Firstly, using the tried and trusted Matrix lobby scene (still one of the most demanding home cinema audio tracks) I got a feel for the overall speed, and consistency of the system.

The bass response is good and gives a satisfying depth to the explosions. It did have a little trouble keeping up at times, but this is a part of a £400 set of speakers so was always going to. The overall depth is on par with how a 10” driver should perform so all is good, and the volume is certainly enough to annoy the neighbours but without overpowering the rest of the speakers.

The three front speakers blend perfectly together, and the centre speaker has a pleasant neutral tone to voice scenes, but holds its own and isn’t overwhelmed by the rest of the set up.

The front and rear speakers have a wonderful sharpness to them and the sound of bullets hitting the floor was crystal clear and lifelike. The mid tones, although not excelling to the same standard as the trebles, are well-balanced and perfectly acceptable.

Overall, the sound, for such a low-priced system is very good indeed, and by looks you’d expect the subwoofer to be the powerhouse in this set up, but it is the lovely crisp trebles from the four speakers that sets this package apart, and exceeds expectations

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