Following on from the Edifier S1000DB speakers we reviewed last year, we were recently sent the next model up in the range, the S2000 Pro, for review. Very similar in looks, they also are a hefty £130 more, so whilst they should be better, are they worth the extra outlay?

Serious speakers need serious stands

Image of Edifier S2000 Pro SpeakerThe S2000 Pro are big heavy speakers. Designed to be a ‘bookshelf’ speaker they will need some hefty shelves to put them on. It’s much more likely that they’ll be placed on a desk, or ideally some decent speaker stands to really get the most from them.

Looks wise, they have beautifully finished wooden side panels, which lend the speakers a real air of classic quality and stature. The more modern looking front of the speakers hints at the technology contained within, and overall it’s a design that works well. The angled front makes the speakers look like they mean business from the outset, and the subtle status indicator on the front of the right hand speaker is a nice touch.

Around the back of the speakers we have a lot more connection options. Remembering that these are powered speakers, there are no standard speaker sockets, and instead we’re treated to some real pro options, as the name would suggest. So we have Bluetooth 4.0 capability to start with, and the wired options include Optical, Coaxial, RCA and 3 pin XLR connectors.

Setting Up

Image of Edifier S2000 Pro Speaker WooferThe right hand speaker requires connecting to a power outlet, and you then connect each speaker together with the interconnecting cable. This is a unique five-pin design made by Edifier aimed at ensuring the treble and bass signal transmissions are kept fully separate, as well as reduce interference. The cable is thick but quite flexible and the 16ft length gives you some degree of flexibility with positioning.

You can then connect your cable of choice and get going. We went for the lazy way initially, and just hooked up the mobile phone using Bluetooth. This was straightforward and quick and we were soon putting the speakers through their paces.

A quick note on the remote control though which is a huge improvement. It is a full size, wonderfully simple and arranged remote which although sparse in buttons, has all you need and is a delight to use and lends an extra level of quality to the whole ensemble.

Pro sound from pro speakers

Image of Edifier S2000 Pro Speakers in standsThe weak point of the S1000DB was definitely the vocals for us, so we purposely concentrated on this from the outset with these S2000’s, and with it being Christmas at the time of review, we had to kick off proceedings with a bit of Michael Buble! Like him or loathe him, Mr Buble has a great all round vocal range and the difference between these S2000 and the S1000DB was immediately obvious. The speakers held the voice in just the right place between bass and trebles without them getting lost of overwhelmed. This in itself was quite a feat as the bass produced from these speakers was remarkable – loud, deep and controlled and well integrated with the vocals.

The trebles weren’t quite as sharp and as prominent as we liked initially, but this is more of a personal preference, and the excellent bass and treble controls on the rear of the speaker can tame or promote the ranges as you see fit.

Testing the speakers over a range of music and video produced no obvious hiss, or any other shortcomings.

Best Prices

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