It’s been a long time since we reviewed the original Luna Eclipse speakers, and it’s good to get their latest incarnation, the Edifier e25HD, here for testing. We were very impressed with the originals, both by the sound and the looks, so it was with excitement that we set out to review the new ones…

If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Visually, the Luna Eclipse HD identical to the originals. They come in a choice of three colours: black, white, and the red we had to test. The finish of the speakers is superb and like previous Edifier speakers we’ve had, the quality control and attention to detail is top notch. Each speaker is spray painted to achieve the high gloss finish. The ‘Ferrari’ red ones we had are not subtle by any means so choosing this colour will certainly make a statement!

The speakers need to be connected together, so each of the speakers has a speaker connection socket, with the right hand speaker also having an 3.5mm aux socket, optical socket and of course the power socket. All these cables are included.

Inside the box you also get a neat little remote control for controlling the volume and power. The right speaker can also be used to control the speakers with 3 touch sensitive areas allowing you to control power, volume, and change tracks with tap or swipe movements. We didn’t find this particularly easy to use however, but seeing as most people will use the Bluetooth speakers with a phone or tablet nearby, it wasn’t really an issue.

Like previous Edifier products, the actual un-boxing experience was an enjoyable start to the process. The packaging is always well done, and the e25HD’s were no exception. Each speaker comes in it’s own felt back to prevent any scratches, and are well secured in the plush box.

There are also optional stands for them to complete the look.

Over the moon with the sound

The speakers have a 3″ driver on the front with a 3/4″ silk domed tweeter at the top of the speaker. Bass is provided by dual 3″ bass radiators on the rear (in the cut out you can see on the photos).

We didn’t really have any complaints when we reviewed the original speakers. The only thing we mentioned was that they seemed to struggle with powerful songs. The updated Edifier e25HD versions were much improved and although still not perfect in that regards, are probably as good as you can expect from a speaker this size. Otherwise though, the sound was wonderful and rich, and the slight excessive dynamism seemed a little more controlled this time. The trebles again seemed to lack some crispness as before.

They are versatile speakers too. At low volumes the sound is pleasant without being over the top, so are ideal for background music. However, drive the speakers with more volume and they truly come alive providing room filling sound with ease.

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