QLED has made discussions about picture quality obsolete. That’s the view of Michael Zoller, VP of visual displays for Samsung Europe. Zoller (pictured above) used the recent IFA Global Press Conference to unveil Samsung’s new Frame TV, a novel new set that offers a number of unconventional installation opportunities – from a picture-style hang on the wall frame to an easel stand.

“We believe that with the launch of QLED, the discussion about picture quality will become obsolete, said Zoller. “Of course, we know that picture quality is very important. But we have now reached a level where the improvements become less and less visible to the non specialist.”

His inference is that TV image quality is now good enough for most buyers, and that it’s design which clinches the sale. He draws an analogy with the car industry, which he says has moved on from discussions about horsepower and mileage.

Samung Frame

“With our invisible cable solution, an optical cable, you can place our One Connect Box up to 50m away from the TV, connected to four 4K sources.” Zoller adds that it took Samsung three years to develop this solution.

The 55-inch Samsung Frame TV (pictured above) will go on sale in May, priced at 2,200 euros.


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