Dirac Research is getting deeper into virtual reality audio. The company has announced that it’s been awarded $250,000 in research funding from Swedish government innovation agency Vinnova to help develop an advanced 360 degree audio recording system for consumer VR devices.

According to Dirac co-founder and CEO Mathias Johansson, the project will be based on the Dirac VR audio platform, unveiled at CES 2017.

“2016 marked a major breakthrough in photography with the introduction and mass adoption of 360-degree image capturing through consumer devices such as smartphones and 360-degree cameras. No longer is our digital photography confined to the visual plane that exists squarely in front of the photographer,” says Johansson.

“However, an even more exciting breakthrough will occur when consumers are able to capture immersive 360-degree video from their smartphones and share it in real-time with the world, transporting viewers to, say, the front row of a concert or courtside at a basketball game. The aim of this project is to develop the 3D audio platform prototype to make immersive 360-degree video capturing from consumer devices a viable reality.”

Johansson says that for immersive 360-degree video capturing to become a reality, it needs a 3D audio platform that captures the entire 360-degree sphere of directional sound. So that when the viewer rotates the device, the audio delivered through headphones adjusts realistically.

“If you’re watching a 360-degree video of a concert, and you rotate the device to the left, the audio must adjust accordingly to mirror that of reality. We look forward to delivering a 3D audio platform prototype that will make this technology a consumer reality.”


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