UK home technology distributor AWE has announced the launch of the new Denon PMA-1600NE integrated amplifier, which is available in black and silver. Joining the Denon New Era audiophile range, this amplifier promises to bring studio quality sound into the home.

“The performance of the PMA-1600NE goes well beyond that of Denon’s previous PMA-1500 series” comments Stuart Tickle, Managing Director of AWE. “With its ultimate built-quality, unique Denon technologies and state-of-the-art connectivity, the PMA-1600NE truly is a masterpiece of sound technology.”

The Denon PMA-1600NE is a high quality preamplifier, a digital-to-analogue converter, and a powerful amplifier. It uses Denon’s unique six-block construction to separate the various elements, ensuring noise transfer between them is eliminated, separate power supplies for its analogue and digital sections to ensure signal purity, and Direct Mechanical Ground Construction to minimise unwanted vibration.

Thanks to the rear USB-B input and embedded high quality D/A converter, the PMA plays high resolution files up to 384kHz/32bit and DSD up to 11.2MHz from a computer in impeccable sonic quality. For the best performance from analogue inputs, the PMA-1600NE features an Analog Mode, which allows to switch off all unutilized sections like the digital input circuitry or the low noise display for an unaltered audio reproduction.

The digital section of the PMA-1600NE is based around Denon Advanced AL32 Processing Plus, which enhances the digital signal by interpolating extra data points in order to produce a smoother, more ‘analogue’ output waveform. This approach allows the PMA-1600NE to recreate data lost in the digital recording process, delivering a rich, detailed sound with excellent stereo imaging and expression.

The Denon DAC Master Clock Design ensures accurate conversion of digital signals, whether from the two optical inputs, the coaxial digital in or the asynchronous USB Type B connection, which can accept ultra-high-resolution audio data from a computer. In addition, the DAC section has a Digital Isolator to exclude unwanted noise from computers or connected digital sources, while Analogue Mode turns off the digital circuitry when not required for the purest possible sound.

The PMA-1600NE also features an excellent moving coil/moving magnet phono input for vinyl lovers, designed with a ‘simple and straight’ layout and relay switching to optimise resolution. Line inputs are also provided, along with bypassable tone controls.

The power amplifier section employs a simple, direct design using an Advanced Ultra High Current MOS single push-pull circuit, designed to use a minimal number of high-current elements to drive the speakers for improved sound quality.

The PMA-1600NE is available to home technology professionals exclusively through AWE.

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