Domotz, a provider of network monitoring and remote tech support systems for integration companies and IT professionals, and data-driven system integration software, D-Tools, have teamed up. The integration of the two platforms will facilitate the on-going monitoring and maintenance of systems designed in D-Tools SI. This integration streamlines the process of setting up a new network for remote management with Domotz PRO.

“Acknowledging that the installation phase of a project is typically the beginning of a long-term customer relationship,” said Randy Stearns, CEO of D-Tools, “the integration with Domotz enables D-Tools users to plan for ongoing service and monitoring from the outset of every client engagement.”

“Even though setting up Domotz PRO is already easy, our partnership with D-Tools will make this process much quicker and even more seamless,” said Domenico Crapanzano CEO & Founder of Domotz. “By working with D-Tools we’re able to reduce the new network set-up time down to merely minutes, which will save our integrators a lot of time and equip them for wide scale roll-out of the technology.”

The D-Tools SI software is used in over 5,000 companies globally to increase productivity and efficiency by bringing together estimation, system design, and project management into a single data-driven process. Now any user writing specifications for a project with D-Tools will be able to upload all device information to Domotz PRO; without having to re-input device names and location information.

On set-up of Domotz PRO with D-Tools device information, all recognised devices on the network will automatically be matched with their corresponding names and rooms. Next the software will guide the user through matching any unidentified devices with their correct name and room.

At a later phase of the integration, any changes made in the D-Tools software to device names and rooms will also be automatically reflected in Domotz PRO.

The new D-Tools feature will be delivered in Domotz PRO in Q1 2017 and you can have a sneak peek at ISE 2017. Visit Hall #9 at booth B171.


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