Crestron has announced three new courses starting this summer, adding to its already extensive Crestron Training Programme: ‘Crestron Technical Institute – Technician;’ ‘Crestron Studio for Residential Lifestyle,’ and ‘CTI – Avia System Design.’

“For Crestron, investing in training and education is a key foundation to helping our integrators take advantage of the opportunities in both the commercial and residential markets,” explains Robin Van Meeuwen, CEO of Crestron EMEA. “Our high quality training programme is extensive, designed to deliver real benefits to our integrators and incorporates both classroom courses as well as convenient online training sessions.”

‘Crestron Technical Institute – Technician;’ consists of a series of online primer videos followed by a one-day classroom course. Attendees will leave this course with the knowledge of how to perform set-up and configuration functions necessary to install and maintain a Crestron system.

The second new course, ‘Crestron Studio for Residential Lifestyle,’ delivers the ability to build and tailor bespoke residential systems rapidly. This course is intended for new and existing Crestron integrators aiming to develop their skills in programming or configuring systems. Crestron has designed the Studio programming platform to be easier and faster to use and deploy, and this course is vital for integrators who want to increase their use of Crestron as a system. After completing this two-day classroom course, participants will be able to:

  • create a basic studio system
  • add devices to the system
  • configure devices in the system
  • design touchscreens
  • modify/add buttons
  • master faceplate design to adjust text

Finally, the ‘CTI – Avia System Design,’ is one-day course is aimed at professional audio engineers and Crestron programmers and focusses on Crestron’s latest Avia audio solutions which include Avia DSPs and software tool, new multichannel and modular utility amplifiers and new speakers. The hands-on course content includes:

  • review of the full line of Avia DSP hardware options
  • how to configure a live DSP, or create an offline or virtual project
  • learning all about the System Page of the Avia Audio Tool
  • learning about controls available on additional pages
  • how to navigate around the Avia Audio Tool
  • modifying processing objects and route signals through the matrix on the Signal Page

The course also covers how to use some of the tools included in the Avia Audio Tool, including Virtual Mixers and Views to quickly configure and commission the Avia DSP. Crestron DSPs are programmed with channel strips that predefine common sets of processing options; the course shows how to build them and build up a personal library of strips. The course also shows how to integrate Dante (Digital Audio Network through Ethernet) with Crestron DM and DSP technology, configuring audio with Crestron’s DSP and acoustic echo cancellation.

Crestron so continues to update its offerings for those who already hold valid Crestron Certified Programmer credentials. The three-day classroom course, ‘SIMPL# and SIMPL#Pro Certification’ builds upon delegates’ existing certification, taking advantage of the extra level of control provided by the 3-Series processor. As the only company to build control processors on the standard Microsoft .NET framework, Crestron is pleased to provide the ability to develop control system programs in the powerful C# programming language. Upon successful completion of this course attendees will be able to create and troubleshoot programming for Simpl# and Simpl#Pro and learn how to create modules.

All Crestron Training Institute courses are regularly updated, following ISE Crestron’s Digital Media courses are set to include Crestron’s new streaming products from the new NVX range.

The popular Fusion classroom-based training course has been updated in line with new product features. The online course offers training for Crestron Fusion end users who use Crestron Fusion on a daily basis to monitor/manage rooms and devices by familiarising learners how to use the Crestron Fusion website to complete daily tasks and to run reports.

Also returning for 2017 is Crestron’s Masters Events. Following a record 800+ attendees in Connecticut, USA, earlier this month, the Masters event for Europe takes place at the Marriott Hotel, Amsterdam from May 9-11. Crestron Masters 2017 is the one event where attendees can learn and network with the best and brightest programmers in the AV industry.

This 3-day, invitation-only event provides exclusive training on the latest Crestron software and hardware for both commercial and residential applications. Crestron Masters ensures its commitment to providing the absolute best training in the AV industry and expanding the global network of elite programming professionals.

For a full list of Crestron training courses in 2017 or to book, please visit


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