Control4 has announced the release and immediate worldwide availability of BakPak on Pakedge RK-1 Routers.The integration of the latest release of BakPak management software with the router enables Control4 dealers to offer more homeowners the benefits of a monitored, intelligent home network. This release happens almost on the anniversary of Control4 acquiring Package, which was announced at ISE 2016.

BakPak proactively manages both the IP network and smart home devices, delivering real-time visibility of network health, allowing diagnostics and troubleshooting before problems happen to mitigate downtime, service calls, and unhappy customers. Now integrated with the ubiquitous network device, the router, Control4 is arming its dealers with a more robust tool to help them manage their customers’ systems remotely.

“With BakPak monitoring the home network, the automation system, and all of the devices connected to it, remote management becomes standard for dealers, ” said Martin Plaehn,Control4 CEO. “The connected home is a reality; with an ever-increasing number of connected devices, integrators need more sophisticated services to meet the expectations of customers. That is why we are including BakPak on every RK-1 Router as well as every NK-1 wireless controller, to provide our dealers with the remote management tool they need for every customer.

BakPak i available on both the Pakedge RK-1 Router and NK-1 wireless controller. This means that dealers neither have to justify a monthly bill to their customers nor do they need to absorb recurring monitoring fees as a cost-of-doing-business in order to deliver exceptional customer service for the home network and automation systems.

BakPak enables dealers to reduce the number of onsite support visits, adding to business efficiency and customer satisfaction. The solution also offers dealers the ability to monitor home automation products remotely, including those connected via ZigBee, Z-Wave, Ethernet, and WiFi – bringing all connected devices into a single interface.

The new BakPak features, enable dealers to bring a new customer network online quickly through a new wizard-based approach. New troubleshooting and alert features include diagnostic information for ZigBee and Z-Wave signal strength and mobile alerts for diminished internet speed tests.

The Pakedge RK-1 Router is a high-performance router for the connected home. The RK-1 Router includes a powerful dual-core processor and CPU to manage simultaneous streams of high bandwidth, low latency multimedia traffic including 4K and HD video, uncompressed audio, running Voice over IP (VOIP) telephone services, streaming video camera feeds, and supporting Control4 system applications.

The enterprise-grade residential router has five LAN ports, two WAN ports for failover, plus two USB 3.0 ports. Pricing and Availability TheRK-1 Router with BakPak pre-configured to manage and monitor an unlimited number of connected devices within the home is available today without any license or subscription fees for $750 US MSRP. Existing homes running an RK-1 Router can be upgraded to BakPak without additional license fees.

The Pakedge NK-1 Wireless Access-Point Controller also supports BakPak and is available now without license or subscription fees for $500 US MSRP. Existing homes running an NK-1 WAP Controller can also be upgraded to the latest firmware with BakPak support without additional license fees.

All 5,000 independent authorized Control4 and Pakedge dealers have access to Pakedge networking products including high-performance routers, switches, wireless access points (WAPs), wireless controllers, and power distribution units (PDUs).

At ISE 2017, there will be a few Control4 and Pakadge training session in room F02 (Near Hall 8).


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