With voice control an increasingly hot topic in CI, CEDIA has announced that it will partner with Amazon for a one-off, free-to-attend, exclusive workshop, entitled Mastering the Skills of Voice Control in the Home. The event will take place at CodeNode, near Liverpool Street Station, London on February 21.

Leading Amazon experts will explain more about the Amazon Alexa platform, revealing how it can integrate into the connected home and how it can be used in individual smart home installations.

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The event will be split into three core education sessions. The day will commence with a focus on how to ensure voice control becomes a profitable venture for a company, before exploring how consumers will interact with smart home devices using just voice control. Attendees will also learn how to create custom skills to operate the Alexa platform and any Alexa powered device.

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“Voice control is one of the greatest technological advancements our industry has seen in recent years and is fast becoming common place in the home” comments Matt Nimmons, Managing Director of CEDIA EMEA. “It is imperative for home technology professionals to be knowledgeable on how to integrate voice control into the home and how to use and promote this technology to ensure it is a profitable business venture. As one of the leading voice control platforms in today’s market, we are delighted that Amazon has chosen to host this event, exclusive for CEDIA, in order to help professionals get the most out of this ongoing phenomenon.”

The event will conclude with lunch and a networking session. For more information from CEDIA click here.


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