CEDIA has sponsored and contributed to the latest Publicly Available Specification (PAS) by the British Standards Institution (BSI) titled, ‘Design and Installation of Telecommunications and Broadcast Infrastructure within the Home’.

Useful tool for integrators, the PAS includes all the latest technical standards and regulations required when designing and installing a wiring infrastructure. The new document is available to buy now from the BSI website.

CEDIA has been working with the BSI to create a document that outlines the recommendations for designing and installing a domestic wiring infrastructure for both single residential dwellings and most homes with multiple occupations. Based on the requirements outlined in BS EN 50173 and BS EN 50174, ‘Design and Installation of Telecommunications and Broadcast Infrastructure within the Home’ provides the latest technical guidance and recommendations for integrators working on both new build and retrofit properties to meet the changing and increasing requirements of designing and installing a domestic wiring infrastructure.

“The publishing of the new PAS means there is a unified structure wiring scheme that is applicable to all residential properties from small to large,” says Simon Buddle, CEDIA Education Director. “This PAS forms the basis for any residential cabling design, making it easy and accessible for architects, M&E consultants, and developers to specify and install a structured wiring infrastructure that is scalable for all residencies. As a direct contributor and sponsor, CEDIA is once again placed at the forefront of residential cabling design with its members regarded as the go to people for structured wiring.”

To support the introduction of the PAS, CEDIA has released a new Smart Home Recommended Wiring Guidelines document aimed to help client’s think about projects from a user experience point of view.

Smart Home Infrastructure COVER

Removing reference to in-depth technical information, the document has been designed as an entry level sales tool to help inform potential clients on what to expect and how they can provide a clear project brief. It offers answers to everyday questions, such as: “Where do I want my TVs?”, “Which rooms do I want to listen to music in?”, “Where could I put an equipment rack?”

The hope is the document will encourage clients to arrange a consultation with a CEDIA member who will be able to specify the correct wiring infrastructure, including cable types and grades based on each individual project.

To download the latest BSI PAS document supported by CEDIA, click here. For more information on industry standards supported and contributed by CEDIA, please visit the CEDIA website.

To download the revised, consumer focussed Smart Home Recommended Wiring Guidelines click here. For more on the work and services offered by CEDIA, visit our resource page here.


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