If you’re in the market for a 4K TV, laptop, tablet, or anything else tech-related, now’s your chance to take it home for as much as 55% off. That’s because Best Buy has kicked off another 3-Day Sale, running now through March 22. Not sure where to start? We’ve picked out five unmissable deals to get you started: Up to $155 off the iPad Mini, Beats Studio 3, 55-inch Samsung NU6900 4K TV, Acer Chromebook 15, and MacBook Air.

iPad Mini — $350, was $400

The iPad Mini sports a nearly identical design to its predecessor. The bezels are still as chunky as ever, which is baffling considering the rest of the world’s gadgets, including the iPad Pro, have moved on from this outdated design trend. Nevertheless, the iPad Mini is still the best tablet that you can get for its size. It offers speedy performance, fluid software, and a gorgeous display. Right now, you can purchase the iPad Mini with 64GB of memory on Best Buy for the discounted price of $350 instead of $400 — that’s $50 worth of savings.

Despite the lack of an edge-to-edge screen, the iPad Mini’s Retina display with its 2,048 x 1,536 resolution looks great, with sharp details and vibrant colors, and images appear completely natural thanks to Apple’s True Tone technology. The home button also serves as the Touch ID lock, and it’s very responsive. This tablet is powered by the same chip that’s inside Apple’s latest iPhones — the A12 Bionic processor — which is still one of the fastest mobile processors on the market. It won’t perform as well as the latest iPad Pro’s A12X Bionic chip, but it’s still impressively fast. If you’re looking to do some light editing work on Adobe Photoshop or Premiere Rush, you won’t encounter any problems, although the tiny screen might be an issue.

Unfortunately, the iPad Mini lacks Smart Keyboard support, which means you’ll need to buy a third-party keyboard case (or a detached Bluetooth keyboard) if you want to use it for writing. At least it now supports the first-gen Apple Pencil, which originally was only compatible with the iPad Pro (the second-gen remains exclusive with the iPad Pro). This makes the iPad Mini great for drawing and taking notes.

With a tiny 7.9-inch screen and a product weight of just 0.66 pounds, the iPad Mini is ideal for those who travel a lot and don’t want their hands to grow weary with prolonged use. Get one for $350 on Best Buy today.

Beats Studio 3 — $200, was $350

Recently, Apple-owned Beats has been receiving a lot of flak from audiophiles, claiming that the company’s headphones are all style and no substance. While we can agree to a certain extent that Dr. Dre’s headphones’ build quality is a bit questionable, we can’t deny the fact that they do sound great. Case in point: The Beats Studio 3. There is a lot to love about these wireless headphones, including outstanding iOS connectivity, fantastic noise-canceling, and phenomenal battery life. We have little to complain in terms of audio quality as well, although as with most Beats headphones, the Studio 3 can get excessively bass-heavy. Right now, you can score them on Best Buy for $200 instead of $350 — a massive $150 off.

The Beats Studio 3 look perfectly well-built even though they are made almost entirely of plastic. For the price, most people would expect real leather, aluminum, or Alcantara, but Beat’s choice of materials is fine, albeit far from luxurious. These headphones have a beautiful matte coating that’s fingerprint- and dirt-resistant. Best of all, they don’t dig into your skull even with prolonged use, unlike the ill-fitting Solo3. This is due to the earcups’ uber-soft cushioning, pivoting action, and advanced venting, which makes for a secure and super comfortable fit.

Thanks to Apple’s W1 wireless chip (the same one found inside the AirPods), all you need to do is to turn these headphones on and if they’re in close proximity to your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, a nice little pop-up will appear for immediate pairing. All you need to do is hit “yes.” Aside from the seamless pairing, another benefit of the W1 chip is the tremendous battery life. These headphones can last up to 22 hours or even longer with active noise cancellation off.

Speaking of noise-canceling, Studio 3 boasts one of the best ambient sound-eliminating tech in the business. Called Pure ANC, there are the two onboard microphones inside the earcups that monitor and adapt to environmental sounds many thousands of times per second. A lot of noise-canceling headphones noticeably distort audio or have a faint hum to them, but we didn’t notice any of that with the Studio 3.

As mentioned, Beats put a tad too much emphasis on the bass with the Studio 3. While this would definitely make pop songs and other beats-laden music sound toe-tappingly good, it does tend to drag down mid-frequency sounds (mostly vocals and instrumentation) a bit. Still, we think many would appreciate this kind of sound, especially young people. Get the Beats Studio 3 noise-canceling headphones on Best Buy for $200 instead of $350 today.

55-inch Samsung NU6900 4K TV – $330, was $380

The Samsung NU6900 is a decent entry-level 4K TV from the South Korean megabrand. Samsung is mostly known for its premium quantum-dot (QLED) TVs, including the Q60 Series below, but if you’re on a tight budget and don’t mind a few compromises, this is the TV for you. The NU6900 is made almost entirely of plastic, but it looks surprisingly chic. Its two attachable feet are spaced a bit far apart from each other, but they do provide rock-solid support. Even with a playful child around, it would take tremendous force to knock this TV over. On the backside is a strip of grooves that, upon closer inspection, are actually meant for cable management and aren’t merely decorative. They hide the cables for power, HDMI, and coaxial connections from plain sight, although it isn’t nearly as seamless as Samsung’s One Connect Box wires concealment. Again, you would otherwise have to look into one of Samsung’s QLED offerings for this high-end feature. Unfortunately, there are only two HDMI inputs on this TV, which means you can only connect two devices at once.

This TV’s standard edge-lit LCD display boasts 3,840 x 2,160 Ultra HD resolution and supports HDR, including HDR10+, Samsung’s proprietary high-dynamic range format. The picture quality is good. For an inexpensive set, we were surprised at the NU6900’s excellent contrast ratio that makes deep blacks look great in a dark room. It’s not suitable for bright rooms, though, as it can’t get very bright, but it does have decent reflection handling. Unfortunately, colors look a little muted and accuracy is a bit off. This is not the most vibrant TV we’ve seen, though frankly, for the price, we didn’t expect it to be. The same goes for viewing angles, as even a slight movement off the center axis would make the picture fade to gray. At least the input lag is low, making this TV good for gaming.

Samsung’s SmartThings TV interface remains one of its strongest suits. You’ll have easy access to all your favorite apps, and what’s more, there are constantly new additions to Samsung’s already immense app ecosystem, most recently including iTunes. But unlike Tizen, Samsung’s other smart TV interface that’s reserved for its more expensive models, the NU6900 lacks voice assistant integration. You can, however, connect it to a separate Alexa device if you want to.

If you need a solid but budget-friendly 4K TV, the Samsung NU6900 should be right up your alley. Yes, its picture performance left us a bit wanting, but its incredibly low $330 price tag is very hard to resist. Get it today on Best Buy and save up to $50.

Acer Chromebook 15 — $200, was $229

It’s easy to excuse the Acer Chromebook 15’s aversion to the current design trend of Chromebooks to be 2-in-1 devices. This is thanks to its excellent build quality which surprisingly rivals a MacBook despite coming in at a fraction of the cost. Although it’s made entirely of plastic, it’s built like a brick with minimal flexing when pressure is applied on it. At 14.9-inches wide, 10.1 inches from front to back, and 0.75-inches high, it’s one of the largest Chromebooks we’ve come across. Its hinge turns a full 180 degrees, allowing it to lie completely flat so you can share the screen with anyone. Its bezels are reasonably sized and it’s painted almost entirely in a gorgeous silver finish except for the keyboard.

This Chromebook’s 15-inch IPS display has a pixel resolution of 1,920 x 1,080. Quite honestly, colors look a little washed out on it. And since it’s a large screen, the pixel count isn’t that high so images don’t appear sharp. Still, it’s a good big screen for productivity tasks. Thankfully, the same cannot be said about the front-firing speakers. Audio doesn’t sound metallic and muffled, which is typically the case with laptops with speakers beneath the keyboard. However, basses can get a little distorted especially when the volume is at its loudest, but color us impressed considering the Chromebook 15’s low price. Acer also decided to rip out the number pad, resulting in a nicely spaced keyboard that’s very comfortable to use. The touchpad is large and responsive, capable of moving the cursor at the lightest touch.

Underneath the hood, the Chromebook 15 is powered by Intel’s Atom X5-E8000 quad-core processor. It’s not meant to be a powerhouse, but it does run things smoothly while only eating six watts of power. It feels zippy when loading applications, streaming videos, and browsing the internet. Just don’t open too many tabs at once. Unfortunately, the Intel HD Graphics 505 card isn’t powerful enough to handle high-resolution gaming. You’d have to lower the graphics to its moderate setting in order to play them smoothly. Finally, battery life is good and was able to last an impressive 12 hours during our video loop test. This can be attributed to Intel’s power-sipping processor and, of course, the extremely lightweight Chrome operating system.

The Acer Chromebook 15 normally retails for $229, but with Best Buy’s cool $30 discount, you can get it for the much lower price of $200.

MacBook Air — $900, was $1,100

The MacBook Air is now thinner and lighter than ever, yet still possesses the same power and solid build quality typical of Apple devices. The latest version of the MacBook Air normally retails for $1,100, but right now you can purchase it on Best Buy for $900 — a huge $200 off.

The latest version of the MacBook Air looks almost exactly like the previous one, with a few significant hardware and software upgrades. The older version is outfitted with a single Thunderbolt 2 port and two USB 3 ports; the latest one has two Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports instead. Although both models have a 13-inch LED-backlit screen, the newer MacBook Air’s display is made better thanks to Apple’s True Tone technology. The screen now has the power to adapt to your environment’s ambient light to make images appear more natural, with accurate colors that aren’t oversaturated.

Working alongside an Intel i5 processor, this MacBook Air has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory. It proved speedy and performed well when tasked with normal daily workflow, like streaming videos, working in Photoshop, word processing, and web browsing. We did, however, notice a bit of a slowdown when we had multiple browsers, apps, and programs open simultaneously, but not enough to raise concern.

The MacBook Air can last up to eight hours with light web browsing. While not exactly a bad number, that falls well short of Huawei’s MateBook X Pro, which managed 9.5 hours in our test.

If you’re determined to buy a MacBook but don’t want to shell out too much money, then the MacBook Air is for you. It’s a well-rounded portable laptop that boasts a solid performance and premium build quality. Get the latest version of the MacBook Air for $900.

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