For a medium-sized room like a living room, a 65-inch TV is a sweet spot in terms of size for many people. It’s big enough to enough a movie but not so huge it dominates a room. If you aren’t locked-in to a 65-inch, check out all the other 4K TV deals available already.

Today’s best 65-inch TV deals

If you want quantum dot LED technology at a relatively affordable price, this 65-inch Hisense H9G 4K ULED TV is an excellent way to entertain yourself and keep your finances in the green. more

Enjoy your content in stunning detail with this QLED 8K TV from Samsung. Even if content is coming in at 4K or lower, the TV will upscale to 8K to give you the best possible image. more

For playing games or watching movies, this VIZIO TV has crisp 4K resolution and features like the ProGaming Engine to improve the gaming experience. more

Get the best of all worlds with this TV offering both QLED display and 8K resolution, in a 65-inch size that’s perfect for medium-sized rooms. more

With its large size and 4K resolution, this is the perfect TV for the movie lover looking for an upgrade for their home theater system. Plus it has Google TV installed for smart features. more

With a fast processor, a beautiful screen. and LG’s ThinQ AI software built in, this TV not only looks fantastic but also has those all-important smart features like easy streaming. more

Equipped with Ultra Color Spectrum technology for intense color accuracy, this TV gives watching movies, TV shows, and gaming excellent clarity and brightness. more

Sony’s Bravia range is always popular, and this version comes in a 65-inch size to suit most medium rooms. It has an OLED display, Google TV software, and 4K upscaling. more

Enjoy stunning image crispness and color depth thanks to the OLED screen on this 65-inch TV from LG. more

Thanks to TCL’s use of quantum dots, this TV has super color accuracy for the kind of picture quality we normally associate with TVs that cost in the thousands. more

Enjoy magnificent visuals no matter the viewing angle and equally immersive audio from Dolby Atmos that emulates a surround-sound field, especially in game mode, making this ideal for gaming setups. more

This 65-inch model is the ideal size for most living rooms, with a quantum processor for upscaling content to 4K and an ambient mode that helps it blend into your room when not in use. more

If you enjoy the brightness of an LED display but you want higher resolution than your average 4K TV, this option from LG has 8K resolution and Mini-LED technology for a brighter image. more

Enjoy 4K content with bright colors and support for Dolby Vision HDR, with a fast processor for 4K upscaling and Vizio’s SmartCast software. more

When you want a TV that looks amazing both when you’re using it and when you’re not, you need The Frame. This 65-inch model offers QLED technology and displays art when not in use. more

With its quad core processor to render your content in beautiful 4K resolution plus sound features like ultra surround and Bluetooth Surround Reality, this TV sounds as good as it looks. more

Watch your content come to life as the LG 65-inch OLED Smart TV emits self-lit pixels that turn on and off independently for the perfect black, intense color, and stunning picture at any angle. more

Installing a new TV can be a pain, so this high-end OLED TV comes with installation included to make your life easier — plus it comes with a soundbar so you can have your new setup ready to go. more

How to choose a 65-inch TV

A 65-inch television hits the sweet spot in size for most mid-sized and larger common rooms, but as this is not a small purchase, you want to be certain that this is the right size for the room in which you plan to install it. Other factors come into play here, the most important of which is viewing distance from the screen (although things like room shape and mounting accessibility are also details to think about). If you’re not quite 100% sure of this, then check out our guide that covers what size TV to buy for your home before you set out on a hunt for 65-inch TV deals and rush into a purchase that might end up not being a good fit.

Since it’s one of the most popular sizes, you can imagine that the market for 65-inch TV deals is pretty broad. Virtually all noteworthy manufacturers, from budget names like TCL and Vizio to brand-name makers like Samsung and LG, offer 65-inch televisions (and often multiple models that have different features and software), so it’s worth taking the time to think about what bells and whistles you want. If you plan to hook up a number of input devices directly to the TV, such as media players and gaming consoles, then make sure the television you have your eye on has enough ports (probably HDMI in this case) for them, to name just one common example of things to think about before you buy.

Do you have a particular software ecosystem you like or other devices that you can use with a smart TV? If you have a Google smart home ecosystem, for example, you may want to consider a set that’s loaded with Android TV. If you own and use Amazon Echo and Fire devices, then a Fire TV might be a good fit. In general, though, you don’t have to worry too much about the UI when shopping through these 65-inch TV sales unless you already have a strong preference for one. All modern smart televisions are equipped to run the most popular apps (Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Disney+, etc.) so you can enjoy your content libraries and streaming subscriptions.

You don’t necessarily have to limit yourself only to 4K TV deals when poking through online 65-inch TV sales, even if 3,840 x 2,160 is the most common resolution for television panels. The highest resolution you can actually find on a TV today is 8K, which has four times the resolution as 4K (just as 4K has four times the pixel resolution as the former standard, 1080p). Although the most serious home theater and entertainment enthusiasts may consider shelling out the cash for one of these 8K televisions, our advice to most people is to wait at least a few years until prices become reasonable.

If you’ve got some cash burning a hole in your wallet and you’re willing to pay more for some upgrades over a standard 4K television, then instead of 8K TVs, add QLED TV deals and OLED TV deals to your search criteria when shopping through these 65-inch TV sales. Most televisions use standard LED (light-emitting diode) panels that are illuminated with backlights placed inside the TV’s housing. QLED (quantum-dot LED) enhances this illumination with tiny light-capturing nanoparticles that catch and amplify the light. The result? A brighter, more vibrant, more color-accurate, and more contrast-rich picture. QLED televisions are more expensive than LED TVs but less costly than OLED panels, so they present a good middle-of-the-road option.

In contrast to both LED and QLED displays, OLED (organic LED) TVs utilize individual particles that light up separately. Instead of having the entire screen illuminated the entire time — something that can result in washed-out dark colors and artifacting during dark scenes — an OLED panel can turn parts of the display off completely, creating the deepest contrast you’re likely to find on a modern TV. Although OLED models are the most expensive of these three, they’re worth keeping an eye out for if you’re a serious home theater enthusiast looking for 65-inch TV deals.

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