BenQ has unveiled the X12000, a high-end 4K DLP projector, that uses a Philips ColorSpark HLD LED light engine and CinematicColor Technology said to accurately reproduce the DCI-P3 colour space.

Philips ColorSpark HLD LED technology provides up to three times screen brightness by combining green light four times as bright as conventional green LEDs from a High Lumen Density phosphor module. Combined with high-brightness red and blue LEDs, it offers 2,200 lumens.

“The meeting of two pinnacles of visual technology, X12000’s pioneering CinematicColor Technology harnesses the high output of ColorSpark HLD LED Technology to bring DCI-P3 colour quality into the home cinema,” enthused Conway Lee, President of BenQ Corp. “DCI-P3 is the colour standard of DLP digital cinema, derived from the same technology in use at all IMAX auditoriums worldwide.”

X12000_Regular _Front Crop

BenQ suggests a single DMD DLP solution “preserves precise colour accuracy and image integrity and colour accuracy without artifacts caused by panel misalignment, especially critical for 4K pixels which are much finer than 1080p.” The X12000’s 4K optical system boasts 14 high-resolution elements, a true zoom system, and special low-dispersion lens coatings.

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The X12000 is designed from the outset as a home theatre proposition. It has front-facing ventilation and unobstructed ports with enough space to accommodate thick cables and HDMI / power cable locks. X12000 also offers horizontal/vertical lens shift and a 1.5X zoom. BenQ is also offering an anamorphic lens for specialised installations.

The X12000 is expected to retail for £5,249 (plus VAT).


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