Adidas has added a new pair of headphones to its line of athlete-centric listening devices while brightening up an existing set of cans.

The $99 Sport RPD-01 headphones are Adidas’ newest set designed for athletes, joining the FWD-01 and RPT-01 as training-specific models. Speaking of the RPT-01, the on-ear headphones will now be available in two new colorways, Light Gray and Signal Coral.

Adidas RPD-01 headphonesAddidas RPD-01 headphones Adidas

The RPD-01 have adopted the neckband style that, while less popular than true wireless earbuds, have still proven to be functional. These in-ear headphones will come with what Adidas describes as “ergonomic” eartips and earwings, with extra of each to help ensure the right fit for athletes.

“For 2020, we wanted to enable even more athletes to boost their workouts with Adidas Sport headphone’s superior sound and design,” said Petra Steenhouwer, a brand director at Zound Industries, which has partnered with Adidas for this model. “This inspired us to create the RPD-01, a product that takes our meticulous approach to audio and makes it accessible to everyday athletes, at all levels, leaving no one behind.”

The RPD-01 will have up to 12 hours of playback time, Bluetooth 5 technology, and an IPX4 weather resistance rating to give it protection against sweat and splashes. The headphones will have a three-button remote control to make it easier to control your music. The included action button on these headphones will also offer the option of creating custom shortcuts.

Adidas RPT-01 headphonesAdidas RPT-01 in one of two new color options. Adidas

Both the RPD-01 and the RPT-01, the latter of which we recently reviewed here, are now available. The RPD-01 will come in Light Gray, Night Gray, and Green Tint, with the RPT available in its two new colors as well as Night Gray. We won’t be able to judge the RPD-01 until we get a pair to try out ourselves, but we do know Adidas isn’t alone when it comes to in-ear headphones. The $150 1More Dual Drivers provide great sound and features for the price, and while the RPD-01 already has an edge in cost, it will be interesting to see how the two pairs match up. The JLab Epic Sport2 also come to mind, since it is a similar style meant for the same demographic as the RPD-01, just at half the cost.

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